Why Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula?

a working mother hired a postpartum doula

The birth of a child is an amazing time in the life of any family. But it is during this period that certain difficulties arise: as a rule, an inexperienced mother has a huge number of questions and it’s not surprising. According to the statistics, approximately 10-12% of future parents make serious preparations for the conception, about 20-25% try to learn more about childbirth, and, at the same time, only 7% of future parents think about their life after childbirth. Therefore, new mothers often feel confused and even scared.a new mother and postpartum doula

Unfortunately, today young moms are often under a lot of psychological and physical stress in the first months after childbirth. And if the mother has had a cesarean section or complications during childbirth adapting to the new lifestyle can be especially difficult for her. During the first few days after the discharge from the maternity hospital and sometimes for the next several weeks, a lot of families need help and support. And, most importantly, there are a lot of questions: how to breastfeed, how much and how often to feed the baby, how to wash them, how to swaddle, and how to properly organize the child’s sleep. Questions like that need to be answered quickly and competently. In order to get some tips, a family can seek the help of a postpartum doula.

How can a postpartum doula help?

A postpartum doula can perform a lot of tasks. But her priority is to help the young mother and her family with household chores during the adaptation period – the first few weeks after childbirth. A postpartum doula will tell the parents about the baby’s feeding and their basic needs. She knows how to calm the baby, will show and tell you about the basic care for the newborn. And, of course, a doula can help to establish contact between mother and baby. She can give the young mom advice on the physical and emotional recovery after childbirth. Postnatal doulas work individually with each family and are ready to meet your specific requests. They help and give advice but don’t interfere with the family issues or give strict recommendations and instructions.postpartum doula holding a baby, the mother leaving for work

If you feel that you are not coping with the stress of motherhood (sleepless nights, breastfeeding problems, psychological issues, housework worries, taking care of older children) a postpartum doula is a good option for you. She’ll be able to relieve you of some responsibilities and household chores. You will get the necessary advice and time to relax.

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