Pregnancy Belly Rings: How to Deal With The Piercing While Pregnant?

pregnancy belly rings. pregnant woman with pierced navel

Piercing is one of the oldest ways to show your personality and decorate your body. It is still very popular today. One of its types is belly button piercing. However, when a woman finds out that she will soon become a mother, she faces very reasonable questions. What to do with the piercing? Should you get rid of the pregnancy belly rings?  Let’s try to figure this out.

Features of Pregnancy and Piercing

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of every woman. These are the months of special unity between the baby and the mother. Nothing should stop them from enjoying these sweet moments. Possible changes in the skin around the belly button due to the growing abdomen are of concern of every owner of the belly button piercing. There are a lot of cases when women had noticeable stretch and scars.

In the first months of pregnancy belly rings will not cause any inconvenience. The skin has the ability to stretch and return to its former position. But with the approaching date of childbirth, inflammation may appear, the diameter of the belly button piercing during pregnancy increases. The cause of purulence and redness is the friction of the jewelry on the clothes, bed, linen.

The danger may be caused by a fresh piercing, made shortly before the moment of conception of the baby. Healing of the wound occurs within 3-8 weeks after removing the belly ring. But in this case there is a factor of stretching the pierced hole and the formation of a cosmetic defect.

Can You Pierce the Belly Button during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not the best time for original experiments on a changing body. Experts are categorically against such decisions. If you still decided to hide from a master that you are pregnant and make the piercing during pregnancy, keep in mind the following: during pregnancy belly rings can be rejected by your body; healing of the wound can take a long time; the pierced place can start rotting. As a result, fresh scar tissue can be strongly deformed with an increase in the size of the belly.

The idea is bad, because not all piercing studios carefully monitor the sanitary norms. Thus, there is a risk of getting infected with Hepatitis B, C. What’s more, sometimes visitors of such places will soon find themselves infected with HIV. In future mothers, immunity is weakened and any virus or an infection instantly penetrates and affects the woman and the unborn child.

pregnancy belly rings. process of belly button piercing

If you find a master who does piercing for pregnant women and the abovementioned risks do not frighten you, then carefully watch over the following requirements during the procedure.

The Requirements

  • The master before the procedure must treat the hands with an antiseptic, then put the gloves on and also treat them;
  • There should be no dust, blood, or specific smells in the work area;
  • Reusable tools and jewelry must be disinfected;
  • The needle and other disposable devices must be new and sterile. What’s more, they should be opened strictly before the procedure.

Accurate compliance with these rules will help to conduct the procedure in complete safety for the woman and the child.

pregnancy belly rings. piercing the belly button

Piercing during pregnancy can provoke uterine contraction and a threat of miscarriage, since anesthesia in this position can’t be done. You can feel severe pain. Thus, no one can predict the reaction of the body. Because of the numerous chemical processes associated with pregnancy, future mothers are not recommended to experiment with their appearance during this period.

Is Piercing Safe for an Unborn Child?

If the piercing was made long before the conception of the child, there is no need to worry about it. The optimal term for the formation of a stable tissue in the area of ​​the hole is 1-2 years. And if you follow simple rules, it will not harm the future baby.

If the piercing is fresh, its healing will be difficult. The uterus will grow and exert pressure on the pierced belly button, which can provoke severe redness, swelling and an increase in the diameter of the hole. Excessive friction of the wound on clothing can provoke constant irritation and purulence. Weakened immunity and a non-healing puncture are dangerous. They can become the cause of infection.

If there is swelling, redness, or pus, immediately consult a doctor to quickly suppress infection and protect the baby from complications.

Fully healed piercing does not conceal danger.

Should You Take Pregnancy Belly Rings Off? When Is It Better to Do It?

Belly-button piercing and pregnancy is a topic that is relevant to many women. Keeping pregnancy belly rings or taking them off is a private matter of every woman. Still there are some tips which can help you make your decision about pregnancy belly rings and piercing during pregnancy.

In the early term of pregnancy, there is no need to worry about the piercing. Usually up to 5-6 months belly button piercing does not cause any troubles. Further, experts recommend inserting into the hole a decorative product made from a flexible material that changes the shape under the pressure of the growing uterus. Also, doctors suggest wearing an ordinary silk thread the entire remaining period of pregnancy. The silk thread should not cling to clothing. It helps to keep the piercing hole and doesn’t cause irritation on the skin.

pregnancy belly rings. pierced belly button in a pregnant woman

If you decide to take pregnancy belly rings off, you need to pay much attention to the pierced place. Get an antiseptic, which you can use if signs of infection and inflammation appear.

Even if you have pierced the belly button long before, you still need to have special creams and oils. They are necessary for increasing the elasticity of the skin. Regularly clean the puncture and the area around it.

Despite all the measures taken, during pregnancy, piercing can provoke tissue scarring. After the body returns to its normal state, stretch marks and scars become less noticeable. If strong traces remain, they can be made invisible with the help of a laser.

How to Keep the Piercing?

We have already found out that an inflamed or fresh piercing is an open door for infectious diseases. As you know, pregnancy makes the organism very susceptible to them. Carefully keep the pierced place clean, regularly treat it with antiseptics.

Unhealed piercing should be protected from damage and disinfected at least twice a day.

To keep pregnancy belly rings until the moment of delivery, follow the above-described recommendations. Be sure to wear products only from hypoallergenic materials. Do not use surgical steel products. Compounds in this type of metal adversely affect the lymphatic system.

Before the caesarean section, you must take the jewelry off. After the surgery you may get it back.

Each woman independently decides how to spend the pregnant months – being calm or with the original deeds. Piercing the belly button can be dangerous for pregnant women and can bring a lot of health problems. Before making a decision about such a risky step, it is worth considering the details and making sure of the consequences. Maybe it is better not to risk and wait a bit. Keep in mind that first of all you need to think about your baby.

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