Pregnancy Checklist: What Should a Future Mom Remember?

The day when a woman finds out that she is going to become a mother soon is very exciting and beautiful in its own way. From now on the mother-to-be’s life is starting to change: the pregnant woman has new rights and new obligations.

Here we’d like to share with you a pregnancy checklist which holds valuable for the future mom information.

As a soon-to-be mother, you shouldn’t forget:

Pregnancy is not a disease

If there are no medical contraindications, the future mother is allowed to do her usual chores, exercises, to lead her usual active lifestyle. Most mothers-to-be continue working or opt for an easy labor, but a few choose to abandon their job for a while and dedicate their whole time to the unborn baby.

Visit a gynecologist and follow their recommendations

Do all the tests and pay attention to the advice you are given. Only a doctor will be able to tell if the fetus is developing normally and how your pregnancy is going.pregnancy checklist - at the doctor's

Start a pregnancy journal

It’ll make it possible for you to collect all the unforgettable moments and precious memories. A journal is also helpful when you need to remember some question you need to ask a doctor during the next visit to a clinic.

Sign in for a training course for future parents

Finishing such a course will help you care for your baby in the upcoming future. And it’ll be great to start doing pregnancy yoga or swimming!

Learn more about your current condition

You can learn a lot of valuable information about pregnancy and kids from books and magazines for future mothers. Surf the web in search of sites and forums on the topic, have a look at baby blogs. You will not only find out the answers to a lot of questions, but also make new acquaintances, be able to share your own experience. It’ll make you feel calm and prepared for anything the future may hold!

Reconsider your diet

Yes, sometimes you crave for products which are not good for you: sweets, salty things, fast food. On the one hand, you need to follow a healthy diet, but if it becomes too stressful to abstain from your favorite treats psychologists advise to indulge yourself a little, just keep your appetite in control. There is no need to “eat for two” because excess weight gain during pregnancy is fraught with negative consequences.pregnancy checklist - future mom has breakfast

Eat more fruit and vegetables (they are rich in fiber which helps to avoid constipation), meat, and cereals. The future mother’s diet should be well-balanced and contain the necessary vitamins in order for the fetus to develop properly. It’ll be nice to adhere to an eating schedule.

Get enough sleep and rest

Sound sleep and quality rest are key to your well-being. Forget about TV and computer late at night. A future mom needs to get enough restful sleep more than anyone.  There are a lot of factors which can cause sleep disorders during pregnancy aside from Internet addiction.

Take a long walk to get more fresh air, but avoid crowded places, especially during flu and acute respiratory diseases epidemics.

Wear pregnancy belly bands

Start to wear a belly band when you are halfway through the term. It’ll distribute the load and your back will suffer less. Wearing a pregnancy belly band is also a good preventive measure against stretch marks which are hard to get rid of after childbirth. And there is one more advantage: belly bands make it easier for the fetus to take a proper position inside your womb.

Choose comfortable clothes and footwear

It’s not sensible, not comfortable, and, it seems, not possible to walk on high heels when you’ve already started showing in pregnancy. The footwear of a future mom should be comfortable.

Clothes shouldn’t restrict movement and be too tight. There are a lot of fashionable and elegant clothes for pregnant women. You don’t have to hide your rounded belly into a shapeless overall. Your belly can be fashionable too!pregnancy checklist - future mom stanting in the foyer

Be especially careful while choosing the underwear. A lot of expectant mothers have troubles wearing lace bras since the first days of pregnancy until the very end of it due to breast sensitivity. Don’t torture yourself because “it’s fashionable”. A nice cotton bra which is gentle on your sensitive skin and supports your breasts will do.

So, here is our pregnancy checklist! If you think we’ve forgotten to include something – feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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