Pregnancy Classes: Do They Really Help Future Parents?

Pregnancy classes

Feelings of anxiety and fear during pregnancy are experienced by many women. Fears arise even in experienced women who already have children. And for women who experience pregnancy for the first time, fear becomes a characteristic phenomenon. If you want to suppress the worries, pregnancy classes may help you.

Of course you can find all the necessary information in the network, but the Internet, unfortunately, is full of contradictory and not always reliable information.

Why Does a Future Mother Need Pregnancy Classes?

There are many ways of enlightenment, and one of the most popular is school (or classes) for pregnant women.

Here you can form your attitude to non-traditional births: vertical, home birth, water, etc.

Almost all private schools offer water procedures for future mothers. The pool is one of the few pleasures that doctors recommend to pregnant women unconditionally. Indeed, the water relaxes, gently massages the body, helping the child to take the right position, and the muscles in the meantime receive the necessary load.

Additional Classes for Future Mothers

In addition to the swimming pool, women can be offered a yoga course for pregnant women. Classes with an instructor with the use of special devices allow you to completely relax and correctly take a pose, without fear of unnecessary strain. In addition to physical training, yoga can relieve mental stress and provide a positive attitude.

Pregnancy classes. pregnant yoga

Of course, the question of whether to attend school or limit oneself to reading special literature is only up to a woman to decide, depending on her state of health, her mood, and her financial possibilities.

Is It Necessary?

Many women are convinced that childbirth is a natural process, and the body “knows” what to do.  However, in fact, there are many important nuances only specialists can tell about. Their ignorance can significantly complicate the life of a pregnant woman, and make childbirth a severe test. To understand what the future brings you and how to cope with it, it makes sense to visit pregnancy classes.

Nowadays, pregnancy classes are gaining popularity. This is understandable, because the birth of the long-awaited baby is such a crucial event. Every woman wants everything to be right, so that the child is born healthy. The classes may also help to ease your own life and to get used to a new situation psychologically. After all, you can learn a lot of important and useful information if you visit good pregnancy classes.

It happens that pregnant women, even being surrounded by the family, feel lonely. Sometimes they experience discomfort in maternity leave because they have nothing to do. Especially if their life was full of events before pregnancy. In such cases, pregnancy classes are even more useful. You immediately solve two problems: prepare for childbirth and improve your mood.

Pregnancy classes. happy pregnant women

Now these classes are recommended even by doctors. It seems that visiting a school for pregnant women is an essential element of preparing for childbirth. Is it indeed so? After all, in the maternity hospital you find yourself in the caring hands of an experienced midwife, who will explain everything and help.

What’s the Use of Pregnancy Classes?

  1. Perhaps, most importantly, what you get from these classes is preparation for childbirth psychologically. You will not be afraid. You will be able to assess your condition and the stages of pregnancy with knowledge.
  2. Pregnancy classes prepare the body for childbirth. With the help of physical exercises, future mothers train muscles that participate in this process of delivery.
  3. You will receive very important knowledge on the care of the baby. So, it will help you avoid a lot of mistakes.
  4. In the process of communicating with like-minded people, you will be charged with bright and positive emotions. Many women feel lack of such emotions during pregnancy. The mood “no one understands me” is the first enemy of inner harmony. Because of this, depression and everything else arises. And it’s clear that mom’s condition has an effect on the baby. Therefore, the woman’s emotions are an important moment.
  5. The ability to visit a swimming pool, yoga or fitness, where the trainings are conducted by experienced instructors who specialize in classes with pregnant women.

Pregnancy classes

What’s the Sense of Pregnancy Classes?

First of all, you need to prepare for childbirth in order to get all the necessary information and get rid of worries about what is happening to you now and will happen in the future. Many women admit that after attending the classes their idea of ​​pregnancy changed in the most radical way. Most of them did not know how huge this topic is, how many different changes occur in the body and what to do about it. Some women attend such classes even during the second pregnancy – to correct the mistakes of the first pregnancy.

Visiting pregnancy classes will help you and your husband to behave correctly during pregnancy and get prepared for the birth. So, due to pregnancy classes future parents will receive a lot of important information.

Useful Topics of Classes

  1. When, how and what exercises a pregnant woman should perform;
  2. How and what to eat;
  3. How to relieve pain during labor;
  4. Correct breathing during contractions;
  5. What methods of delivery are available;
  6. Where it is possible to conduct childbirth. Pros and cons of such births (childbirth in the water, childbirth at home, in the hospital, etc.);
  7. What causes complications during labor;
  8. How are natural childbirth performed?
    Pregnancy classes. pregnant women
  9. How and in what cases a cesarean section is performed;
  10. What methods of anesthesia can be applied, their pros and cons;
  11. How to distinguish false pains from true ones;
  12. How the contractions arise and why;
  13. Care about the newborn;
  14. How to breastfeed, why; what to do if there is lack of milk;
  15. Necessary things a woman should  take to the hospital;
  16. What will happen to you when you arrive at the maternity hospital;
  17. Many other important information.

The better you are prepared, the better idea you have about ​​what is happening. Thus, there will be less worry and panic. And during pregnancy and childbirth it is very important to stay calm.

Do Future Fathers Need to Visit Classes?

Certainly, for the future father the courses will be a very useful experience. Even if you are not preparing for partner births, information about what happens to your beloved woman, a scientific explanation of her “oddities” is just necessary. Men begin to perceive the behavior of a pregnant woman differently and it is easier to transfer all the “side effects” of this condition.

Pregnancy classes. pregnancy class with fathers

Also, attending pregnancy classes allows men feeling much more confident and give their wife, in addition to moral support, a real help. Men are taught how to do a massage – relaxing and relieving pain during labor, how to monitor the actions of doctors. Also future dads “train” to take care for babies – learn to hold them, bathe, swaddle and change diapers. In addition, they learn about the features of newborns, the patterns of their development, etc. Note that many couples say that the attendance of pregnancy classes helped them to strengthen relations and improve the atmosphere in the family.

How to Choose the Classes?

  1. Geography. The more convenient it is to get to school, the better.
  2. The principles that the school staff adhere to should completely suit you.
  3. Cost. Do not forget to find out the price of the main course, as well as the price of additional lessons.

Choosing Pregnancy Classes: Important Issues

There are several points that you should pay attention to when choosing pregnancy classes. First of all, carefully study their program. In addition to the theoretical part, there must necessarily be practical exercises. And there should be quite a lot of it. Thus, you will be able to apply them during childbirth. Secondly, collect feedback on the classes. Their managers can tell different things, advertising themselves, but for completeness of the picture one must get “feedback”. That is to know the opinions of those who attended these courses and have already successfully given birth. They will be able to assess how much information and exercises have proven useful. Of course, it is better to enlist the recommendations of familiar people. But you can search for relevant information on topic forums. As a rule, they are always willing to help.

And, of course, the level of teachers’ professionalism is important. Such classes are usually conducted by an obstetrician-gynecologist, individual sessions can be conducted by a pediatrician, a psychologist, a breastfeeding consultant or a childcare consultant. It is not a bad idea to find out in advance about their qualifications, education and work experience.

The size of the group and the conditions of the learning process also play a huge role. In small groups, there is more trustful atmosphere and a better contact between participants and the teacher.

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