Pregnancy Depression: Useful Tips on Dealing with the Problem

pregnancy depression

The gestation period is a time of great changes in the life of future moms and dads. For a woman, it is not only a state of mind, but also a body, which changes, giving to another person the opportunity to appear. During pregnancy, mental balance can be affected by any trifle, which often leads to emotional distress. One of such problems is pregnancy depression.

Depression is a negative state of mind. It is more widespread among women. Being in a bad mood, a woman pays attention to the negative component of her environment. Unfortunately, at this state she almost doesn’t notice the positive moments. This, in turn, aggravates her condition.

Depression in pregnant women is not often observed. Usually, this period is perceived by future moms as a change for the better. But, the presence of symptoms of pregnancy depression can have a negative impact on the birth, development and birth of the unborn child.

The Appearance and Formation of Pregnancy Depression

The onset of the initial symptoms of depression can be caused by a negative event or action. For example:

  • the pregnancy process itself is undesirable or happens at a wrong time;
  • depression in relatives;
  • depression before the pregnancy process;
  • severe disappointment in anything;
  • separation from the father of the child;
  • death of loved ones.

pregnancy depression. Portrait of sad and frustrated pregnant woman

Pregnancy depression is often determined when the problems listed above are present. But this is only a small part of them.

It is much more difficult to make a similar diagnosis if there are no visible reasons: everything is fine at home, relatives and friends support the woman, the positive emotions are around, but the general mood is gradually fading away.

During pregnancy, the restructuring of the female body takes place, in which the development of a new life receives a big emphasis. Unfortunately, such changes do not pass without a trace for the future moms themselves, which disrupts their emotional state, making it more fragile and susceptible to the surrounding stimuli. All this leads to the formation and development of depression. Moreover, the habitual way of life is changing, which leads to a decrease in practical and physical activity.

Manifestation of Depression During Pregnancy

The symptomatology of the manifestation of depression is for the most part the same, but still it is worth recalling what it can be expressed in:

  • general mood decreases;
  • it’s getting difficult to obtain positive emotions from ordinary life situations;
  • lack of desire to be happy for others;
  • increased aggressiveness;
  • huge irritability.

pregnancy depression. a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, depression is accompanied by other signs, but perhaps the emergence of concerns about gestation period and the birth can be distinguished separately. The woman gradually increases her anxiety, which can manifest itself in increased tearfulness.

In view of this, there is a general sleep disorder. It is difficult to sleep and wake up. Possible loss of appetite can also take place. As a result, apathy gradually develops during pregnancy.

This is a condition in which you not only don’t want to move, but even eating food is perceived as something unnatural.

Support from others cannot cheer up or improve the situation even a little. At this time, future mother is full of negative emotions. In such a situation it is better to consult a doctor or psychotherapist. Giving up in this situation is not an option. Keep in mind that any negative factors will negatively affect the child. And apathy during pregnancy can only exacerbate the situation.

Depression in early pregnancy can manifest itself in different ways. Its signs differ in every trimester

  • First trimester. Mood swings do not necessarily mean pregnancy depression. But prolonged nature of such shifts and the appearance of obsessive thoughts about the fact that everything is bad and will only get worse is a wake-up call.
  • Second trimester. At this point, a woman may feel that her life is hard, and the general situation does not improve. Such conviction arises when back pain, weight gain, periodic or protracted toxemia occurs, etc.

pregnancy depression. a pregnant woman

  • Third Trimester. In this period it is worth being particularly vigilant. In individual mothers, a state of panic appears. These feelings take place due to increased stress on the organs and the emergence of a feeling of “uselessness and dependence”. The presence of dissatisfaction only adds fuel to the fire. This condition contributes to the more rapid development of pregnancy depression, which will adversely affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, treatment is a must.

How to Recognize the Problem?

Depression during pregnancy is not an exceptional case, but it is not worth it consulting a doctor, if the expectant mother simply has a “bad mood”. The incidence of symptoms may vary. If signs persist for two weeks or more, then it makes sense paying attention to them. An increase in the frequency of the onset of symptoms is the first signal that this is not a simple deterioration of mood.

The word depression should begin to be used if:

  • the following feelings are present: emptiness, sadness, helplessness, uselessness, guilt;
  • there is no interest in matters that previously brought joy;
  • there is an inability to take a decision, focus on something;
  • lack of appetite;
  • disturbed sleep;
  • there is excessive irritability and, as a result, tearfulness;
  • pain that is not treatable appears.

pregnancy depression. Young pregnant woman crying at home

To identify depression doctors use different sorts of rating scales. Some of their types can be used for self-diagnosing.

When passing any tests, you should not think a lot over the answer, the first thing that comes to mind will be the best answer.

How to Cope with Pregnancy Depression?

How to deal with depression? It’s clear that depression should be treated.

No one denies the possibility of different methods of treatment, but we will highlight the main ones.

  • Psychotherapy. Mostly, pregnant women develop a weak form of depression. It means they can do without drugs and medications. The therapy sessions are aimed at normalizing the state by correcting the mother’s conclusions about herself, her family and the surrounding world. Group therapy can also be very useful. The feeling that a pregnant woman is not alone in her problems will help to cope with the problem faster.
  • Help from loved ones. Timely, but not excessive participation from friends, relatives and husband will help to overcome negative thoughts. All close people of the pregnant woman should not focus on the disorder, but on the contrary, are obliged to create a positive mood. Let the woman be occupied with the activities that bring her peace and joy.
  • Proper nutrition. When you lose your appetite, it is better to make a little effort and still eat. Food is needed to build a new body and maintain mom at the proper energy level.
  • Physical exercise. Walking in the fresh air will give additional positive emotions and give more energy to the body.

pregnancy depression. pregnancy fitness

  • Self-help. When no one is around, you should take care of yourself. Rest as you get tired. Try to tune in to positive thinking. After all, you can always find a positive in negative. Thoughts of a negative nature can be stopped.
  • Antidepressants. Drugs that normalize mood. But please, keep in mind that you can choose such a solution only after the permission of the doctor and only after you’ve tried all other means. Self-treatment is completely excluded. The result of the imprudent use of drugs can be a negative impact on the development of the baby.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that pregnancy is not only a physical condition, but also a state of mind. Be calm and it will be easier for you to overcome periods of pregnancy depression. Many women went through this ailment and successfully healed! Take care of yourself and of your baby and everything will be great!

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