Pregnancy Diet 101

Pregnancy Diet 101

To determine how many kilos you can gain, calculate your body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy.

Here’s the formula: BMI = weight / height m2

BMI is less than 19.8 – add from 12.5 to 19 kg,

BMI = 19.8 – 26 – add 11-16 kg,

BMI = 26-29 – add 7-12 kg,

BMI is more than 29 – add 6kg.

And with multiple pregnancy, in case of twins, add 2.3-4.6 kg to the norm.

The schedule of weight gain will be: up to 20 weeks of pregnancy – no more than 700 gr, from 20 to 30 – 400 gr. After 30 – 300-350gr.

What Are These Kilograms?

On average, the weight (in kg) is distributed as follows:

  • Child – 3,375
  • Placenta – 0.450
  • Uterus -0,900
  • The amniotic fluid is 0.900
  • Breasts – 0.450
  • The blood volume is approximately 1,125
  • Fabric liquids weight you 2,700
  • Fat – 2,250

Pregnancy Diet 101. pregnant woman

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Can I Not Gain Fat?

It is impossible to gain only necessary for a child and placenta weight. Fat accumulates simultaneously with other components. During pregnancy, the body prepares for lactation, it starts to store fat in the form of 2-3 kilograms of extra weight. They provide for an urgent need for calories in milk production in the first few months.

One month after birth, your weight should come back to normal + 0.5-1 kg for each breastfeeding breast.

How Many Calories Does a Pregnant Woman Need?

In the last 2 terms, you will need more calories than before pregnancy. Increase the value of the diet by 300 kcal. For an average woman, this is 2500 kcal.

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Results of Shortage of Calories?

Spasms of blood vessels. From this you will have a headache and weakness. The baby suffers from a lack of oxygen and nutrition. Calories should be delivered evenly. That is, there should be 4-5 obligatory meals. So, the source of energy is constant, useful substances are absorbed better, toxicosis disappears.

Pregnancy Diet 101. Pregnant Woman Holding Apple

Where to Get the Necessary Calories?

From foods that are rich in calcium, iron and especially protein. Because the latter one is not contained in vitamin complexes. Diet products for pregnant women, their caloricity (kcal / 100 g)

  • Meat – 108-310
  • Fish – 75-180
  • Eggs – 120-159
  • Cheese hard – 260-396
  • Milk – 60-68
  • Kefir – 30-60
  • Curd – 80 (low fat), 226 (fat)
  • Bread – 80-150
  • Butter – 748
  • Vegetable oil – 900
  • Dried fruits – 234-649
  • Vegetables, greens – 12-25 (green peas – 75)
  • Fruits – 25-50 (grapes-80, bananas-90, avocados-100)

These products will provide the woman and the baby with everything necessary. Estimate caloric value “by eye” and try to meet the norm of 2500 calories.

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Dietary Products

It is desirable to exclude the wheat products from the ration and replace them with products from rye and corn flour. In a sour form, use milk (cottage cheese from 70-75 grams per day), fish and seafood are rich in phosphorus (practically exclude pork and beef), we recommend using liver and heart. Sugar is best replaced with honey. Do not forget about raw vegetables (two or three kinds) and one egg every day. Citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, their juices are replaced with apples, cranberries, grapes. Juices from the above products are also very rich in the necessary elements for the development of the child.

Pregnancy Diet 101. a pregnant woman at the kitchen

Honey is a universal product, as well as an excellent addition to the diet. The advantages of honey over sugar are its rapid absorption and it is the source of elements for the formation of blood cells. It promotes the prevention of constipation, has a relaxing effect, restores the vital forces of the body. Two or three tablespoons of honey before a meal will favorably affect both the mother and the baby. The needs of the mother in acid are satisfied with fresh fruit. When it is not possible to consume fresh fruit, berries are an excellent source of acid.

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