Pregnancy with No Symptoms: Is It Normal or a Pathology?

pregnancy with no symptoms

Yes, a pregnancy with no symptoms is a real fact! And the statistics show that a lot of women who haven’t had clear symptoms during pregnancy also gave birth to healthy children. And that shows that a pregnancy with no symptoms is quite safe and you just need to find out the reasons for it. Every woman is waiting for the first symptoms which confirm a long-awaited diagnosis even at the stage of pregnancy planning. But each pregnancy is an individual thing, and not every woman experiences the symptoms of pregnancy which are typical for the others.

Pregnancy with no symptoms – it’s real

Some women can identify that they are at a definite stage of pregnancy only when their belly begins to grow. Meanwhile, a period can come for about two months after the conception. On the other hand, you can notice that your breasts have become bigger and you feel drowsy. There are different reasons for the absence of menstruation: someone experiences hormonal changes, and for someone it’s a symptom of a certain disorder. Doctors treat each case individually.

So, 7% of women give the affirmative answer to the question: «Is a pregnancy with no symptoms real?» Actually, the reasons for such a phenomenon aren’t yet studied, but it definitely happens. Sometimes a woman notices vague symptoms, such as slight nausea, vaginal discharge, and untimely menstruation. Very often women take these symptoms for sickness.

That’s why doctors recommend passing the gynecological examination in time and being regularly tested to control your health. These measures help to prevent possible diseases and to detect pregnancy in time. Don’t worry: every woman has her own experiences during the course of pregnancy, and it’s considered to be a normal physiological phenomenon.

pregnancy without symptoms

Is period during pregnancy dangerous?

Any normal pregnancy can’t coexist with menstruation. But there is one nuance here: a woman can experience some bleeding during pregnancy, but don’t confuse it with menstruation! Such a bleeding can be the sign of a possible miscarriage. And if you’ve noticed some bleeding during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, urgently consult a doctor! It is possible to save your baby, but only in the case of timely treatment. All in all, remember that the absence of menstruation takes place during the whole period of pregnancy, and often during the period of breastfeeding as well.

Absence of morning sickness during pregnancy

A pregnancy with no symptoms very often goes along with the absence of morning sickness. However, a lot of women consider that pregnancy is impossible without this symptom. But it’s wrong, so don’t be afraid. Vice versa: it means that your body processes everything normally and there is no threat to the fetus. The absence of morning sickness also reduces the risk of pregnancy termination. So, that’s why a pregnancy with no symptoms at its early stages is considered normal. And another advantage of morning sickness absence is a stable emotional background of a woman. Gynecologists also say that if you have no morning sickness during pregnancy, it means that there are all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for your child’s development in your organism. So, don’t worry in vain if you don’t have morning sickness: it’s absolutely normal and even good!

pregnant and no symptoms

And still: is a pregnancy with no symptoms normal?

Yes, all in all, this question can be answered in the affirmative. But, of course, sometimes there are some cases when such a phenomenon can conceal a threat to the future mother and her baby’s health. That’s why it’s important to consult a doctor in time if you’ve noticed some extraordinary symptoms. But don’t load your head with negative thoughts! Just be attentive to your body, get more fresh air, think of something good, and everything will be fine!

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    Hi. I’m going to be 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow. In the past 24 hours, all of my pregnancy symptoms have, for some reason, subsided. I’m not nauseated, dizzy, or experience dull or sharp aches and pains anymore. I have not bled or spotted or had any strange discharge.

    I’m also 36 years old and so, I am slightly worried that I may be going through a silent miscarriage although, I’d like to believe that this is just my body and brain adapting to the hormonal changes.

    My appointment with my OBGYN for the fetal heartbeat is in 12 days at 9.5 weeks.

    Any advice?

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