Prenatal Vitamins and Health in Pregnancy: How Do They Help?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and monumental part of a woman’s life. Once you find out that you have a baby on the way, it’s time to give serious thought to taking prenatal vitamins. Your regular multivitamins are no longer enough to nourish you and another life within you. Here are specific ways in which prenatal vitamins boost your health, especially during pregnancy.

 Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, which supports your fertility and the early critical stages of fetal development

The first major way that folic acid can help you as a childbearing woman occurs even before pregnancy. Taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid may boost your fertility by reducing irregularities in your ovaries. If you’re trying to get pregnant, talk with your physician about when to start taking prenatals.

Once you conceive, folic acid would be instrumental in the development of your baby, specifically in your first trimester of pregnancy. It will fight against congenital abnormalities and will help strengthen the baby’s spine, and save the baby from possible birth defects such as spina bifida.

Prenatal Vitamins and Health in Pregnancy: How Do They Help? a woman taking vitamins during pregnancy

Spina bifida is the incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the fetus’ spinal column. Sufficient intake of folic acid is advised by doctors to prevent any mental abnormalities from happening to the baby in utero.

 The calcium in prenatal vitamins aids in strengthening your bones and muscles, as well as nourishing your baby’s bone development

Being pregnant may take its toll on your body, and you may find your teeth might get weaker, or your nails might become brittle. Your body’s calcium stores might become depleted as you’re nourishing another life within you, which is why you need to take prenatal vitamins that have the recommended dosage of calcium. Taking calcium together with eating dark, green, leafy vegetables and consuming calcium-rich dairy products will do wonders to fortify your bones and muscles throughout pregnancy and even lactation.

Moreover, you need to take calcium, especially in the second trimester onwards because the physical development of your baby is crucial in these months. Your baby will need calcium for bone and muscle development.

Prenatal Vitamins and Health in Pregnancy: How Do They Help? vitamins during pregnancy

Calcium will likewise aid in regulating the harmony of your nerves as well as your baby’s, in addition to sustaining regular heartbeats for the both of you. Incidentally, calcium may also help with pregnancy-induced heartburn.

 Prenatal multivitamins contain iron, which boosts the production of your red blood cells and the strength of your immune system, as well as aids in the development of your baby’s cells

When you’re pregnant, you need about fifty percent more blood than usual. For this, you need the additional iron in your prenatal supplement to support the production of more red blood cells that will also support your baby’s development.

As many nutrients are being taken from you for your baby’s development, your immune system may weaken. All measures must be taken to ensure that your immune system stays strong. Iron boosts your immune system and helps you fight disease-carrying bacteria that may result in sickness.

Iron also minimizes the risk of anemia for you during pregnancy. Anemia may hinder the growth of your baby and may result to your giving birth to underweight or premature babies. Moreover, iron is one of the main building blocks for your baby’s cells. Iron helps build a strong transport mechanism for oxygen and nutrients in your baby’s body.

 The Omega-3 contained in good prenatal supplements enhances the development of your baby’s brain, central nervous system, and eyesight

In the third trimester of your pregnancy, the brain and central nervous system of your baby are being developed. As Omega-3 is the most abundant fatty acid in the brain, vitamins high in DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) or Omega-3 are helpful in nourishing your baby’s brain. Moreover, this essential fatty acid will help your baby’s nerves and vision develop well.

Prenatal Vitamins and Health in Pregnancy: How Do They Help? Smiling pregnant woman taking pills

5 Prenatal vitamins give your body the additional vitamins and minerals that it needs during your pregnancy

Due to the heavy toll that your pregnancy may take on your body, you have bodily functions that would need additional supplements to ensure your health. You need the following vitamins and minerals found in vitamins specifically for pregnancy:

  • Vitamin C is essential in healing the internal depreciation that pregnancy brings. Certain parts of your body may be negatively affected by fetal growth, and vitamin C is necessary to rebuild body tissue and heal brittle bones.
  • Zinc aids in the reproduction and repair of tissue, as well as improves your immune system. This mineral works together with vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D boosts the calcium in your supplement to build fetal bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also beneficial to you as it has an overall positive impact on boosting your health.


Enjoy your pregnancy and the process of nourishing that fragile life within you without having to worry about either your health or your baby’s. When you’re drinking prenatal vitamins that offer you all the vitamins and minerals that you need, you’ll feel healthy, strong, and confident about your body’s ability to carry your pregnancy to full term. Work closely with your doctor to determine the best vitamins to suit your needs at every stage of your pregnancy.

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