Preparation for the Pregnancy: How to Prepare Yourself Correctly?

preparation for the pregnancy

Gynecologists say that pregnancy is a stress for the female body. A positive one, but still a stress which you can reduce only with the help of correct preparations. All the soft spots and problem areas of a woman manifest themselves during the gestation, that’s why you should prepare yourself for the upcoming pregnancy. So, how exactly is preparation for the pregnancy done?

Where to start the preparation?

The chances to conceive and carry a baby will be higher if a future mum refuses of bad habits 3 months before trying to conceive. According to the statistics, the probability to become a mother for a smoking woman is 3 times lower than for a non-smoking one. Remember that passive smoking is even more dangerous than active smoking. Reconsider your lifestyle: do you sleep enough and spend enough time in the open air? Try to get used to the walks in the fresh air and some exercises.

preparation for the pegnancy - pregnant woman with tiny baby's boots

How to prepare your body for the upcoming pregnancy?

It is a good idea to purify your body with the help of herbs, fresh juices, thermal procedures (sauna, baths), and purification procedures. The doctor will recommend you how and where to do it. Pay a special attention to the state of your intestine, liver, and kidneys. It is important to evaluate the state of your blood vessels after the examination and cleansing of these organs. The herbal decoctions and fresh juices will be also very helpful here.

The weight of future mums

A woman gains from about 28 to 33 pounds during pregnancy. It leads to the additional load on the joints of the legs and spine. And if a future mother has problems with overweight before pregnancy, it will become a real weightlifting test for her body. Moreover, overweight is often accompanied by a hormonal imbalance which provokes conception difficulties. Physical exercises and a healthy diet where there is no place for sweets, baked products, and fast-food will help to solve these problems. However, tough, low-calorie diets also won’t do you any good. Fast weight loss causes menstrual irregularities and, as a consequence, the absence of ovulation. To avoid this, try to lose weight gradually (no more than 1 lb. a week).

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Which medical tests should you pass?

TORCH infections (rubella, toxoplasmosis, human herpes virus) are able to cause serious harm to the intrauterine development of a child and even provoke its death. That’s why it is so important to be tested for the presence of antibodies to these diseases. If a woman has them in her blood, there is nothing to be afraid of. But if not, it is better to get vaccinated against dangerous for a baby infections.

A blood test for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and C also won’t be out of place as these dangerous infections are transmitted from a sick mother to a child.

A future mum should also visit a gynecologist to avoid the presence of sexually transmitted infections. The doctor will examine the birth canal and evaluate the chances of conceiving.

If there were genetic pathologies, miscarriages or stillbirth in your family, necessarily visit a geneticist who will help you to assess the genetic risks before trying to conceive.

Psychological preparations

how to prepare for the pregnancy

For many future parents, the main question is how to prepare for the pregnancy psychologically. It’s really important because the lifestyle and attitude to life of both partners will change a lot with the appearance of a child in their family. You are not the first ones going through such a challenge, so don’t be scared!

It is a good idea to read something on this topic. But try to avoid the stories about difficult pregnancies and births: you need the most positive attitude to childbirth – believe in the best and prepare for your pregnancy. A positive way of thinking should definitely help you: from the moment when you’ve first thought about the child till the birth of the baby.

Preparation for the pregnancy is not an easy thing, but pay attention to other aspects of your life as well. Don’t give up your favorite activities (if they’re healthy, of course), enjoy every moment because soon there will be tremendous changes in your life. A child will change your way of thinking, you will become wiser. And then you will understand how good it is that you’ve prepared yourself for pregnancy correctly!

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