How to Prepare and Enjoy Newborn Photography – Top Tips for Parents

newborn photography

After dealing with 9 months of pregnancy and then the delivery pains, the last thing a new mom would want to hear is to have a newborn photoshoot. As if the early hustle wasn’t enough to deal with a one now. But with newborn photography trend picking up lately, the whole thing could be a breeze and the early moments of the newborn baby are timeless.

So now, how to find the right newborn photographer to capture these wonderful moments in a “home and hearth” atmosphere while living in a world of gloss and trends. We got some top tips from professional newborn photographer, based in Melbourne, on how to truly enjoy the whole experience.

When to Schedule the Newborn Photography

As a new mom, you know your baby will sleep soundly for the first couple of weeks. They are so incredibly flexible, curling up into a little ball that is just ever so cute. After 14 days, things change. They are not as flexible and are harder to settle down. This is also the time when babies can go through colic, have baby acne, and other issues. Also, at this stage, babies are very alert and much more difficult to work with.

Pro Tip: Schedule a photo shoot in the first two weeks after the birth.

What Should I Wear?

newborn photography - new mom and her babyDon’t fret about it! Talk to your photographer and decide what will be the style and theme of the photo shoot. Your photographer will advise the color combination accordingly. It’s generally suggested that mom should wear solid colors that are neutral tones such as cream, off-white, soft, light beige, or soft gray. Your clothing should have a timeless style that years from now you won’t say “why did I wear that thing?”.

Involve Siblings in the Photo Shoot

Every member of family gets super excited at the birth of newborn baby including your other kids. Don’t ignore your other children, involve them in the photo shoot so that they feel special too. Your photographer will be able to capture photos of both newborn and siblings together and separately. Undoubtedly, newborn and sibling photos will be the most adorable and cute photos in your collection. Years down the road you will be glad you included your kids in the shoot.siblings

Fill up Baby’s Tummy Before the Photography Session

If your baby has already been nursed, things will move along more smoothly. You do not want to be in the middle of a shoot and need to stop to nurse, even though if that’s the case it’ll be fine. Make sure you have also eaten to keep up your own sleeping

Comfort & Safety

Newborn comfort and safety is probably the most important part of newborn photography. Do not force your baby to pose in a certain way if he or she is not comfortable with it. The idea is to have natural shots of your newborn. Also, if you feel a pose is just not safe, let the photographer know that and not continue with that pose.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember, the newborn photography session should be relaxed and fun. Do not over-stress, just relax and have fun! If you start showing stress, so will your baby. The whole session should be very casual and simple to get through. Be sure and speak with the photographer before starting the session so you are both on the same page. Enjoy this wonderful moment and know this is the beginning of a lifelong adventure that will now be captured forever!

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