Preparing Young Children for Their First Holiday Abroad

Preparing Young Children for Their First Holiday Abroad. traveling with children

Your young child’s first holiday abroad will provide you and them with countless special moments and memories spent together. It’ll teach him or her about a whole new culture, too, so their infant mind will be stretched further than it has ever been, which means they’ll have plenty of cool things to tell their friends at school when the term starts again.

You can’t just throw your child in at the deep end, however. As fun and enriching as a vacation abroad might be for them, it will still come as a complete shock to the system, and, therefore, they need to be fully prepared for it. Here are some ways you can do just that.

Talk to Them About the Language Barrier

Whether your child is already confident in listening to and speaking their own tongue or not, they will need to be prepared for the different language that they are potentially going to encounter abroad. If they aren’t, then the concept of people freely and openly speaking a language other than their own may confuse them.

Preparing Young Children for Their First Holiday Abroad. a girl with a map

To stop them from getting confused or scared when they hear another language and to help them get to grips with the language barrier, make sure you talk to them about it beforehand. Once they’re clear about what they are going to encounter (if they’re open and happy to do so), teach them to speak some of the local language to make them feel more comfortable with it. Easy words such as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in the language of the country that you are traveling to will do just the trick!

You should also make sure that your child knows about the differences that they will come across in regards to the weather and the food, too. The fewer surprises there are, the better your child will adapt to the new surroundings that they find themselves thrust into.

Get Them Ready for Flying for the First Time

Preparing your child for their first flying experience is essential if you want to get their holiday off on the right foot. It means doing more than getting them ready for being on the plane and actually flying too.

Preparing Young Children for Their First Holiday Abroad. family in the airport

A massively important aspect of preparing your child for flying is ensuring they know what they’re going to come across in the airport. For the beginning, they should know that they are going to have to give up their toy or blanket during the security process while it is scanned. Also, they should be made aware that delays can occur and that they may have to be patient at times. You, as the responsible adult, should also know that you can make flight claims when your trips are delayed or abandoned completely, so neither you nor your child needs to be infuriated by them.

Your young child is not going to get all of the things out of their first holiday abroad that you want them to get out it if you don’t prepare them for the adventure beforehand. Make sure you put the advice found above into practice when you come to heading out on your first family holiday with them in tow.

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