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All parents remember long sleepless nights pacing the floor, bouncing a fussy baby. How about stumbling through a dark nursery searching for diaper-changing supplies or an extra blanket? Did you ever tiptoe around the house trying not to wake up the baby? We remember struggling to take care of the baby during the night, but now someone has come up with a truly helpful option. This new parent’s welcome friend is the baby light projector.

These projectors do not cost too much and come with all sorts of options including lights, colors, sounds, and timers. All of these features are designed specifically to soothe baby into a comfortable, restful sleep. Some people believe baby projectors are invaluable in helping get baby to sleep. Others have expressed the opinion that they are just too distracting. Do you think these features would be helpful with your baby?

Loving The Light

First, as the name suggests, the projectors shine images on the wall or ceiling to keep your little one entertained until they fall to sleep. There are a variety of images to choose from. Most of the projectors seem to favor stars and constellations but there are also waves, dancing bubbles of color, pulsing lights, and cute animals or shapes. It is nice to have plenty of choices since you will know what your baby projectors - sleeping girl

A lot of baby projectors also have a nightlight option. This light can help parents care for baby during the night without breaking any toes or making a ruckus. It will also help if your little one seems to have a fear of the dark. Some would argue that the light show is over-stimulating for a baby who is trying to sleep, but most parents agree it creates a peaceful, serene environment for them and helps them relax.

The Sound of Sleeping

Many baby projectors also have sound options. Your baby can enjoy some of their favorite lullabies or streaming music of your choice. Some stream bedtime stories, play nature sounds or play just plain white noise. The sounds may calm a fussy baby as they stop to listen. The sounds will also help to drown out other sounds from around the house so parents do not have to tiptoe for fear of waking them up.

Some Other Handy Features

Another helpful feature for a good baby projector is a remote controller. This is handy especially if you want to avoid going into the room to change settings and disturbing baby sleeping, or it would be helpful if the projector is on the other side of the room from the door.

The most important extra feature is a timer. One with a variety of times available is nice. The baby projector will help calm baby down and soothe them to sleep. Then once they are slumbering peacefully the baby projector will turn itself off, leaving the baby to sleep peacefully in the projectors - princess on a cloud projection

Baby light projectors are a huge help to new parents at bedtime. The soothing, mesmerizing lights and sounds help them to sleep or keep them engaged when they are awake. It will also drown out other sounds in the house for a better, uninterrupted sleep. There are some people who advise against using the projectors, saying they are distracting and do not let baby sleep soundly. There are obviously arguments on both sides, but when it comes down to it every baby is different. Some will respond well to lights and sounds, while others need pitch dark and total quiet. The most important thing to remember is you know your baby and will recognize what is best for them.

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