Safe Ways to Remove Hair during Pregnancy

Safe Ways to Remove Hair during Pregnancy. hair removal

When a woman is pregnant, it may result in hormonal alteration which will cause hair to emerge in the areas that are uncommon in the normal life. Although it is not a permanent alteration, the pregnant ladies try a lot to make sure that they look good; and this involves safe hair removal.

While every woman is trying to keep her looks, it is very important to make sure that we take precautions on the way we remove the hair.

There are methods of hair removal that are safe for the pregnant lady and some are really dangerous for her. The following are methods that every mother should familiarize herself about safe hair removal during pregnancy:

Tweeze or Thread

There are many ways to safely remove hair while you’re pregnant and threading is one of the best and safe way to removing hair for pregnant women. This can be done from your house but the best results can be attained only by involving an expert. They are safe for pregnant ladies because there is no chemical that is applied to get the hair removed. To make it less painful, try tweezing after a hot shower.

Safe Ways to Remove Hair during Pregnancy. Eyebrow Threading


Shaving is one of the most popular way for hair removal that many people use on a regular basis and it’s also the best safe hair removal during pregnancy where hair is to be removed in wide parts.

You can use a facial hair trimmer to remove hair from your face; lips, the chin and sideburn hair. You can use either manual or power driven shaver but be sure not to share them with anyone because it may cause diseases.

To Wax and Sugar

It’s involves heating sugar and then smearing it on the area of the skin where you want to remove hair and then lifting the smeared mixture to get off with the hair. It is used to give a solution that will take a long period of time but should be done when your skin has not turned to be very fragile due to the pregnancy.

Safe Ways to Remove Hair during Pregnancy. wax

Use of Laser Removal

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to kill hair at the follicle and keep it from growing. But this way of removing hair is never save for safe hair removal during pregnancy at all. In laser hair removing, we focus the laser light on the pigmented hair to damage it while in electrolysis we enter a metal to reach the place of the hair root and then pass the current of electrical power to remove the hair follicles.

To Use Depilatory

Depilatory is an easy and pain free way to remove hair from most areas of your body including legs, arms and sensitive areas. Depilatory is a lotions and aerosols to remove hair. These products contain chemicals and hence should be avoided during pregnancy. Otherwise, if you really are in need of using this method visit a medical specialist first.

There still are many options to remove hair while you’re pregnant but the tweezing and threading are probably your best options to remove hair and it’s completely safe during pregnancy.

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