Second Pregnancy Symptoms: Do They Differ from the 1st Pregnancy?

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When it comes to the second pregnancy, it is not always easy to recognize it. Familiar and traditional symptoms are failing, and sometimes it happens that the second pregnancy signs may be atypical or be absent at all. Nevertheless, for many women it is necessary to learn about the onset of the second pregnancy as early as possible. It helps to react correctly to the appearance of the baby, giving up the habits harmful to the health of the child. So, what are the second pregnancy symptoms?

What Factors Change the Perception of the Second Pregnancy?

 Time interval

The second pregnancy symptoms depend a lot on time that has passed since the last pregnancy. Over the years, a woman gradually forgets about how everything was like the first time. In most cases, if after the birth more than ten years passed, the next pregnancy will be perceived as if it is the first time.

 Health status

If after the childbirth the woman did not have serious health problems, then the second pregnancy symptoms can be the same as during the first time. But with the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the symptoms of early toxicosis can be brighter and more pronounced. If there is an endocrine pathology or a pronounced weight gain, this will necessarily affect the manifestations of another pregnancy.

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 The Gender of the Fetus

Pregnancy symptoms can vary a lot depending on the sex of the baby. However, this does not always happen. The difference in sensations during the first weeks does not at all mean that the fetus has another sex.

 Emotional Factors

The surrounding life always provides some influence on the perception of pregnancy. An active woman doing a career may not even pay attention to some of the symptoms. Accordingly, the housewife will quickly notice the manifestations of pregnancy. In the presence of a pronounced stressful situation, a woman is unlikely to react to minor symptoms arising on the background of a second pregnancy.

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Features of the Second Pregnancy

The second pregnancy has a number of distinctive features:

It is believed that it’s easier to notice it

After pregnancy, the uterus does not contract to its original size, but is slightly enlarged. This leads to the fact that at the onset of another pregnancy the stomach increases 1-1.5 months earlier. At the same time, a future mother can feel the fetal movement in the womb. If during the first pregnancy a woman can feel the baby’s movements only around the 5th month, then during the second one- closer to the 4th month of pregnancy. Perhaps the reason for this is that the future mother already knows how it should feel like.

Another position of the abdomen

The second pregnancy is characterized by its lower location. After the first pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments of the abdominal cavity are stretched, becoming weaker. As a result, they can no longer support the fetus as during the first pregnancy. This feature has both positive and negative consequences. The positive is that the woman will not experience big problems with digestion, and the process of breathing will not be difficult. The negative side lies in frequent urination and increased stress on the lower back. In order to reduce this load, it is necessary to use a special obstetrical binder for pregnant women. It allows not only to relax your back, but also to prevent the development of increased tone of the uterus. You should also perform a special set of exercises for the spine, if your doctor allows.

second pregnancy symptoms. pregnant belly

Rapid reaction of the mammary glands

It manifests itself in the form of an increase in the size, the appearance of pain and discomfort. The skin around the nipples becomes coarse.

The sense of smell changes

There is an instant reaction to some sharp smells and food.

Increased fatigue

It is caused by the fact that the body of a woman is biologically “exhausted” after the first pregnancy and does not have the same strength as before.increased fatigue


Menstruation Is One of the Main Factors

Usually the first signal of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. At the same time, there are cases when menstruation does not occur, but pregnancy is also absent. And another option: the period starts exactly on time, but differs in intensity. However, even minor spotting does not make a woman think about a possible pregnancy.

Pregnancy can occur almost immediately after childbirth, when the menstrual cycle has not yet recovered during lactation, but the first ovum that was released was fertilized. A woman experiencing the climacteric period can also pay no attention to disruptions in the cycle. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to rely only on the presence of menstruation while determining pregnancy.

Second Pregnancy Symptoms

From physiological point of view the development of the second pregnancy is not much different from the first one. The body is already prepared, there is an experience in bearing a baby and some psychological and physiological moments are not so pronounced. What second pregnancy symptoms can you feel?

Soreness and breast enlargement

This is one of the first and relatively frequent symptoms of pregnancy. You can note that the breast has become painful and touching is unpleasant. If you are breastfeeding, during this period the breast can become painful and sensitive while feeding, the nipples can hurt.

second pregnancy symptoms. breast

Weakness and fatigue

These symptoms can arise due to changes in the hormonal balance. Many future mothers say that during the second pregnancy the feeling of fatigue is more pronounced and brighter than during the first time. This is a kind of signal that you need to rest more and gain strength for bearing the second baby.

Ailment in the morning

With this symptom, you may experience nausea with vomiting, headaches and dizziness with fainting. But often malaise in the morning can be associated with problems in health and nutrition.

  • There may also be feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen, abdominal pain, increased urination, and spotting.
  • A slight increase in basal temperature may indicate a second pregnancy, but this sign should be taken into account only with regular measurement. One-time procedure should not be taken into account. Besides, the temperature sometimes rises in stressful conditions.
  • In the first weeks after conception, clear discharge without odor is secreted from the vagina. It is slightly sticky and thick, but does not cause discomfort. With different secretions, it makes sense to turn to a gynecologist.
  • With increased drowsiness and fatigue, one should not immediately suspect exhaustion. Such signs can appear during pregnancy soon after childbirth, when the body did not have time to recover.
  • Frequent urination, which is not accompanied by pain, can be considered as a symptom of a second pregnancy.
  • Increased appetite, headaches, minor cramps, a sharp change in mood.

Changes in the Body of a Woman Associated with a New Pregnancy

In many respects, the signs of the second pregnancy coincide with the signs of the first one. However, there are significant differences related to the characteristics of the organism that has passed through the childbirth. If the first pregnancy wasn’t long ago, your body “remembers” everything that happened during that time. But, if it’s been more than 8 years, the second pregnancy will feel like the first one. During this period the body has time to restore the original physiological parameters.

second pregnancy symptoms. women

The uterus during the second pregnancy is more “trained” and is stretching much easier. The mammary glands react faster to hormonal changes.

  • If you have health problems, toxicosis may occur earlier.
  • A woman who has become pregnant again, feels smells more sharply.
  • The baby’s movements can be felt much sooner.
  • The abdomen before delivery will get lower faster.
  • Training contractions will intensify.
  • The second pregnancy usually lasts less than 40 weeks.

If you are planning the second pregnancy, it is necessary to cure the existing diseases or to take them into a stable remission. Even if you are completely healthy, you should take into account the exhausted by the first pregnancy condition of the organism. Therefore the body should fully recover before the new pregnancy. Be sure to go through the examination, especially with the endocrinologist.

Not always the second pregnancy is significantly different from the first one. Some women have absolutely the same symptoms during every pregnancy. At the same time there are pregnant women who, with their new condition, receive unique signs that are not similar to the previous ones. The only way to find out whether you are pregnant is to use a pregnancy test or a blood test for HCG, which can be taken a couple of days before the estimated date of menstruation.

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