10 Interesting Facts About the Second Pregnancy

the second pregnancy

So, you’ve been thinking about the second pregnancy – two beautiful babies are better than one, after all! Perhaps, you already know that you’d better get pregnant for the second time no sooner than two years after the first birth. And though now you understand a lot of things about pregnancy, there are a number of differences and specific traits of the second pregnancy you should know about.

Wait for at least two years after giving birth to your first child before planning to get pregnant again. During this period of time, your body will get the necessary rest. You’ll be able to finish breastfeeding, to normalize your hormones, and the scar after a C-section will heal (if you had one).

Medical experts claim that women who went through the 2nd pregnancy after less than two years since the 1st one suffer from complications more often. They have a higher risk of toxemia, anemia, late gestosis, premature birth. By the way, the baby, in this case, is likely to have difficulties too: there can be not enough vitamins and nutrients, so the second baby will be born weak and underweight.second pregnancy - a happy family

header 1 The differences of the second pregnancy from the first one

It’s more difficult to conceal the 2nd pregnancy: the belly begins showing almost since the first week, and by the end of the 1st trimester it becomes very noticeable. The abdominal muscles, stretched once, lose their elasticity and can’t support the growing uterus as well as before. So, doctors recommend wearing belly-bands from the fourth months of the second pregnancy.

This time the belly might not get lower in the 36th week of pregnancy because the baby doesn’t press their head to the pubic symphysis.

header 2 After a large gap between pregnancies…

A large gap between pregnancies, for example, ten years or more, means that your second pregnancy will be as hard as the first one. Your body has “forgotten” what the childbearing process is. It’s not good or bad. However, if the future mother is older than 30 it can affect pregnancy. Health problems are possible.the second pregnancy - pregnant woman with her daughter

header 3 You’ll feel the baby movements much sooner

An expectant mother carrying her first baby will feel the movements inside of her womb a few weeks later than a woman going through the second pregnancy. On average, soon-to-be moms notice the kicking in the 18th-19th week of the first pregnancy term and in the 16th-17th – during the 2nd pregnancy.

header 4 The second pregnancy is usually easier on you

The course of pregnancy depends on a lot of things. For example, on the baby’s gender: boys and girls have an unequal effect on their mothers’ morning sickness. If your children have different fathers, then the second pregnancy can also be completely different.

As a rule, the second pregnancy is much easier on a pregnant woman. You already know what’s going on and don’t feel as stressed as for the first time. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be any small troubles, such as swollen feet during pregnancy, morning sickness, or hair loss.

header 5 The second pregnancy doesn’t always take a faster course

There is an opinion that the second pregnancy can be a few weeks shorter than the first one. That’s statistically not true. There is no background for a shorter term.

However, psychologically the second pregnancy can be proceeding faster for a future mother. She has already given birth to one little troublemaker, so she simply doesn’t have time for being bored.the second pregnancy - future mother and her little son

header 6 Your second child will be bigger

At least, obstetricians say so. The medical experts claim that every newborn baby weighs a bit more than their older sibling. But after the fifth pregnancy children begin to weigh less.

header 7 After the first birth, the cervix becomes shorter

After a woman has given birth to her first baby, her cervix becomes shorter. It should be completely closed. If during the delivery your cervix was damaged, tell the doctor about this problem in order to prevent a miscarriage.

header 8 You can feel no morning sickness during the 2nd pregnancy

It’s good news, isn’t it? However, the second pregnancy is unpredictable and can displease you with more pronounces symptoms of morning sickness instead. Everything depends on your health condition. If you had some issues during the first pregnancy (edema, protein in the urine) you need to carefully monitor your health: follow a healthy pregnancy diet and keep hygienic.

header 9 There is still a risk of maternal-fetal conflict

If there was such a problem during the first pregnancy, your blood still contains antibodies that can lead to the hemolytic disease of the 2nd baby. So, before trying to conceive for the second time, pass a medical examination. During the second pregnancy, do a blood test for antibodies and an ultrasound once a month, monitor the condition of the placenta and the amniotic fluid.second pregnancy after c-section

header 10 The second delivery goes faster than the first one

During the first delivery, the female body needs 10-12 hours of labor before the cervix is fully dilated. During the second birth, the cervical dilatation takes about 6-8 hours. Of course, the more efficient contractions of the uterus are accompanied by more intense pains. By the way, statistics have shown that the third childbirth, rather than the second one, is the most painful.

Even if you’re scared a bit right now, don’t worry. Every organism is unique, and if the second pregnancy has done quite a number on someone it doesn’t mean you’ll go through the same problems. The main thing is: you’ll give birth to your second baby and become twice as happy as you are at the moment. And we know that you won’t let any hardship confuse you!

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