Sex After C-Section Delivery – Should it Hurt?

Sex after cesarean section

Some women want to have sex after C-section as soon as possible while others delay this moment for an uncertain period of time. This process may become painful for many women and may cause discomfort. Sexual activity is different, so there is no ideal answer to all the questions. However, there are some tips that can help you.

When is it safe to resume sexual life?

Wait before to resume your sexual relationsMost doctors and specialists will tell you that you should wait for about 4-6 weeks after a cesarean section before to resume your sexual relations. It is better to wait until your body comes to its normal, healthy state. This period of recovery lasts for 4-6 weeks. Although there are doctors who do not advise to wait for 8 weeks after a cesarean section and some doctors say that you can have sex after C-section when you want it. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to wait until bleeding stops and your body starts to recover.

Your best option

There are so many factors which the doctor will take into account in your individual case. Nevertheless, there is a great risk of infections and postpartum bleeding. Sometimes they occur because people have sex too early or do not follow medical recommendations.

When the placenta separates from the uterus, it creates a wound that causes postpartum bleeding. Therefore, your sex life or the use of tampons can trigger an infection because the wound is not healed.

So do you really have to wait several weeks? Many women do not do so, although it is highly recommended to wait. If you want to minimize the risk of infections, wait until your postpartum discharge ends. This will be a wise decision.

You may feel as a beginner while resuming your sexual activity. You may experience pain, or you will hesitate for the first time. But it is okay. No matter when you resume your sexual relations, you will want it to be slow and very careful.

Painful sex after C-section

Sometimes it is considered that the resumption of sexual activity is like to be a virgin again. It is important to remember that your connective tissues, muscles and ligaments have to be a bit stretched, only then your sex life will be the same as before.

Pain is one of the possible problems that women may experience during sex after C-section. It is caused by hormonal changes in a woman’s body after birth, as a result, the vaginal walls become drier. In order to make sex painless, you can use a lubricant or make your foreplay longer. Foreplay, erotic massage and kisses help a woman relax and give time to the body to secrete a sufficient amount of natural lubrication. Men must understand that during the first sex after c-section, they should be attentive to women.

Perhaps a woman has not had sex for several weeks and her organs are a little “frozen”. It is normal, so you need to do it slowly, without jerks.

Sometimes pain lasts for 12 weeks or more after a cesarean section. The best thing you can do is to consult a doctor, to listen to your body and have sex in the most comfortable way for you until this pain goes away. If your doctor said that everything is alright and you can resume your sexual activity, then just your persistence will help to cope with pain. Do everything slowly, gently, and soon everything returns to its normal state.Slow and gentle sex after C-section

There is nothing to be ashamed of

When talking about sex after childbirth, we should also take into account the psychological and emotional state of any mother. Often a woman after a cesarean section is ashamed of the formed scar, but she should not be. First of all, today you can buy a special ointment to accelerate the healing and “absorption” of scars. Secondly, even if it sounds cynical, but a cesarean section even has a definite advantage: you have an intact vagina, without breaks and cuts. In any case, you should not be ashamed of the scar – it is not a defect, it is an acknowledgment of your successful motherhood.

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