Should You Install a Pool for This Summer?

Should You Install a Pool for This Summer? Backyard Pool

If you’re looking for ways of adding value to your home with an eye to eventually selling your home, you might want to install a new pool in your backyard this summer. Traditionally, swimming pools do add value to homes. While an old and non-functioning pool can potentially sabotage a house deal, a brand-new pool is a hot selling feature that could be the key to snag buyers. Whether or not you decide to sell your home, a new swimming pool will certainly enhance your enjoyment of your home.

Facts about Swimming Pools

A brand new pool can be the crown jewel of your home’s special features. In fact, there are some buyers who simply won’t consider a house that doesn’t have one. According to real estate experts, inground swimming pools may substantially improve home value, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home’s property, and tend to appeal to buyers who have families or who enjoy entertaining.

How to Choose the Right Type of Swimming Pool

There are many considerations to keep in mind when you’re planning to install a swimming pool. It’s important to install a pool that is sized for your yard. A pool that takes up too much of the space is going to underwhelm buyers who also want additional backyard space for their kids’ backyard toys, the dogs, a garden, a patio, and so forth. Also, while above-ground pools are popular with homeowners, it’s inground pools that add the most value to a home—and that entice more buyers. If you do opt for an above-ground pool, you may want to install a deck as well, in order to attract more buyers.

Should You Install a Pool for This Summer? a pool

Researching Companies

Adding value to your home with a pool starts with some careful research. You’ll need to investigate pool companies. Be sure to check their online galleries to determine whether or not they can do custom jobs. You might want to install a customized size or special pool features. Naturally, you’ll want to research the costs involved in each company’s offerings.

Hiring a Contractor / Pool Company

Once you decide on a company, you’ll need to hire them and negotiate your contract. It’s important to get all costs up front and in writing. If you’re selling your home, you likely have a budget for home improvements. Ideally, it’s best if your company can work within that budget. The time frame for pool installation is important too—especially if you live in a climate where summers are short. Installing a new pool in late spring or early summer will give you the chance to effectively market your home with its brand-new pool in late summer and early fall. It’s best to show your home when your pool is open so you can impress buyers.

Should You Install a Pool for This Summer? a pool


Once you install your pool, don’t neglect the extras—show it off by adding attractive landscaping. Ensure that your patio is in tip-top shape. By including these extras when installing a pool in your home, it may also increase the overall value if you selling your home becomes an option. Depending on your current home value, location, and local market – adding a swimming pool could increase the value anywhere from 10k to 50k. That is a real chunk of change which makes your home that much more valuable.

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