Common Side Effects of Pregnancy Every Woman Should Be Aware of

side effects of pregnancy. pregnancy pain

In the body of a pregnant woman, unusual processes occur. In general, it’s Impossible to prepare for this even you really want. But this is not the end. After childbirth, women become even more nervous, irritable and sometimes aggressive. For example, postpartum depression is one of the side effects of pregnancy.

It is simply impossible to anticipate and prevent all possible negative consequences. Of course, planning, timely medical examinations and strict compliance with the prescriptions of the doctor minimize the risks and side effects of pregnancy. But, unfortunately, one can hardly avoid all the threats and negative consequences.

As a rule, there are three reasons for the occurrence of undesirable consequences: inadequate implementation of the recommendations and requirements of the doctor, the individual characteristics of a woman’s organism, and independent external factors. The most frequent reason lies in the uniqueness and individuality of the female body, which sometimes gives a very unpredictable reaction to the changes taking place because of pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Processes in the Body

Very much depends on the initial data, that is, on the state of health of the woman at the moment of conception. Once the egg is fertilized, a mechanism that causes significant changes in the body at all levels is activated. The metabolism changes, the hormones influence behavior of the future mother. Occurring changes can cause existing chronic diseases to retreat or even disappear. At the same time, sometimes these changes cause exacerbations.

side effects of pregnancy. pregnancy nausea

Normally, a healthy woman endures pregnancy as a normal, natural condition that does not harm her health. Especially if there is enough time between births for the recovery of the body, and the woman gives birth to no more than 3-4 children.

The Most Noticeable Changes during Pregnancy

  • Increase in weight and size of the abdomen and chest. A healthy woman of a medium body constitution gains up to 12 kg during pregnancy. If she adheres to the rules of a balanced, healthy diet, then she will not gain excess weight. Soon after birth, a woman can recover her former body shape, especially if she goes in for sport.
  • Changes in taste preferences. During pregnancy, a woman may be disgusted with some foods she previously loved. And vice versa, she may want to eat something that she could not even look at earlier. Thus, the body makes up for the need for the necessary substances.
  • Hormonal Background. Changes in the hormonal background cause a change in the behavior of a woman. She becomes less mobile, needs more time to sleep and rest. But it’s still important to stay active. Pregnancy proceeds better if the expectant mother gets enough physical exertion.
  • The breath changes as well. Pregnant women need 40% more air to provide oxygen to the fetus.
  • The cardiovascular system takes most of the load. Even the volume of the left ventricle of the heart changes. It starts to beat more often and passes more blood through itself in a minute.
  • A large load falls on the musculoskeletal system. Bones have to carry an increased body weight. What’s more, during birth the pelvic bones may diverge to pass the fetal head. To make it possible, the structure of the ligaments changes. They become more elastic.
  • The enlarged uterus begins to squeeze the bladder and intestines. The pregnant woman has to urinate more often. This is quite physiological. But squeezing the intestines can lead to constipation.

How Does Pregnancy and Childbirth Harm the Body?

If a woman is healthy, then the only danger is too frequent and multiple births, between which the body does not have time to recover. But not everyone can boast of perfect health today. Therefore, certain side effects of pregnancy and childbirth may be manifested. Women who are worried about the harm of pregnancy and childbirth to the body should consider the following possible consequences:

  • The appearance of excess weight, which is difficult to fight, especially immediately after childbirth. Sometimes childbirth contributes to the development of obesity, especially if the woman was already prone to fatness.
  • Change in the shape of the breast, especially if you have a big size. Unfortunately, often the breasts become saggy after breastfeeding the baby.
  • The appearance of stretch marks. If the skin is not elastic enough, stretch marks can remain for life.

side effects of pregnancy. stretch marks

  • After childbirth, pain in the back and lower back may appear.
  • If a woman lost a lot of blood during labor, anemia may develop.
  • Also, varicosis often develops and hemorrhoid appears.
  • If a woman lacks some minerals in her body, teeth, nails, hair and skin may suffer. In past times it was believed that the mother pays 2-3 teeth for every child. Nowadays, a woman can avoid it if she takes care of her pregnancy. However, pigmentation spots on the skin can appear in any woman.
  • During pregnancy, the following unpleasant events are possible: toxicosis, gestational diabetes, seizures, etc.
  • After the birth of the child, the postpartum period is also quite difficult: the mother, still weak after childbirth, has a tremendous responsibility. Depression, family difficulties, sleep disorders and other psychological problems are possible.

Common Side Effects of Pregnancy

Among the most common negative consequences of pregnancy are the following:

Hair loss and brittle nails

The vast majority of women face these problems. The reason is calcium deficiency in the body of a woman.

The appearance of stretch marks and pigment spots

Pigmentation during pregnancy is normal and usually passes some time after delivery. With stretch marks, the situation is somewhat more problematic. Stretch marks are the result of stretching and tearing of the skin. Over time, they can become much lighter and less visible. With severe discomfort, you can make a laser procedure to improve the situation. Possible causes are the following: features of the structure of the skin, hormonal restructuring.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases

Pregnancy is a kind of litmus test for a woman’s body. It shows all the weak spots and gaps in the health of the woman. The reasons are: the orientation of the body to maintain pregnancy, ruptures or dissections during childbirth. Causes: incorrect tactics of labor, low birth activity.

side effects of pregnancy. woman feels bad

General decrease in immunity

It happens because all the strengths and nutrients of the body are aimed at maintaining the life of the child.

Impaired vision

This pathology can occur due to strong tension and pressure on the fundus in the process of giving birth.

First of all, keep in mind that the side effects of pregnancy will be different for everyone. Some women will have a smoother skin and acne will disappear. Others, on the contrary, will face problems. Someone will have varicose veins, and others will notice nothing. To predict possible side effects of pregnancy, you need to study the situation in your family. If your mother and grandmother suffered from the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins, etc. during and after pregnancy, then most likely you will have to face this as well.

The state of the body before pregnancy is also very important. If you always had problems with your teeth or you constantly had to fight excess weight, then as a consequence of pregnancy it is very likely that these problems will worsen. In any way, pregnancy is a huge stress for the organism when all problems will remind about themselves with a special force.

This is not the whole list of possible complications and side effects of pregnancy. Also, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will have to face them during or after pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy leaves behind a number of positive changes, such as the renewal of the body, the prevention and cure of certain female diseases. In any case, it is worth remembering that the most important and happy consequence of pregnancy is the birth of your baby. The appearance of your child will throw all the difficulties into the background and eclipse all the troubles.

How to Reduce the Side Effects of Pregnancy?

The best thing that can be done in this respect is following certain preventive measures. If you prepare your body for additional stress in the state of pregnancy in advance, then it will be much easier to go through any consequences of pregnancy.

So, what can be done? First of all, it is physical exercises. Tight, trained muscles will help you keep your body in a better shape. And after pregnancy they will help to quickly get back in shape.

side effects of pregnancy. women doing sports

During pregnancy, physical activity is also useful, not only for the body shape, but also for the health of the pregnant woman in general. It keeps blood from stagnating, improves the supply of all organs and tissues with oxygen. What’s more, it is also an excellent prophylaxis of varicose veins.

One of the most common consequences of pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. It is not so easy to prevent it. However, some steps can still be taken here: use special bandages and special creams containing collagen and elastin both before and during pregnancy. Such measures will prevent the rupture of skin fibers.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

It is very important to follow a balanced diet during pregnancy. You need to make sure that you get the right amount of nutrients, so that not only the developing baby, but also your body gets everything it needs. This will significantly minimize the possible consequences of pregnancy in the form of brittle nails, hair loss, and dental problems. Also, to help yourself, you can take special vitamins.

Some women, trying to minimize the side effects of pregnancy, start following strict diets and limit themselves in food. Never ever do anything like that! The consequences for the female body and for the fetus, which will receive less nutrients, can be extremely negative. At the same time, there is no need to overeat during pregnancy.

It doesn’t make sense to assess the side effects of pregnancy immediately after childbirth. The body after nine such busy months needs time to recover. With proper effort and appropriate prevention before and during pregnancy, the recovery of the body takes place within a few months or even a year after pregnancy.

side effects of pregnancy. Woman With Newborn Baby

So do not intimidate yourself beforehand. Yes, you need to try to prepare as much as possible so that the side effects of pregnancy are as inconspicuous for you as possible. But you should not worry about it. Remember that all this is fixable. What’s more, negative emotions are not the best companion of pregnancy. And besides, the happiness of finally seeing your baby will reduce all these worries.

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    Thank you so much for helping me. I am newly pregnant with my first baby. After reading your article now, I understand about side effect of pregnancy. You explain it like an expert. Should i need always to communicate with doctor? Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

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