Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby

Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby. traveling with a baby

Traveling is always fun but traveling with babies can be really bothering. Especially if you have not done prior planning and preparation, you might end up getting some nasty surprises. However, dealing with babies during travel is less challenging, in comparison with travelling with toddlers.

Here is a smart checklist. Next time when you are heading out for a long journey with a baby (or babies), do not forget to take these things:

  • Diapers:

The very first thing to add in your checklist is a pack or packs of diapers. Do not go with a calculated amount of diapers, you will never know how much you are going to need when it comes to travelling. It is preferable to use long-lasting and high-quality diapers for travelling, so that you don’t have to change them after every hour or two.

  • Small blanket:

A small blanket is a necessary thing to bring during traveling. The blanket will not only help the child to stay covered but also you can use it to lay your baby over it. Plus, while you are feeding your baby, you can use it to avoid any untidy burps.

Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby. baby blankets

  • Plastic sheet:

A plastic sheet comes in handy for multiple uses. You can use it to change your baby’s diaper. It can also be used to sit anywhere on grass and let your baby stretch his legs and play around a little. It can also be used for feeding some snacks or juices during the travel. It can easily be folded and tucked in a corner.

  • Plastic bag:

You will never know the worth of a plastic bag until you run out of it. Everyone must include a plastic bag in your checklist before they rush for travel. Zip-lock bags can be used as a replacement of plastic bags. You must be wondering about its use – well a plastic bag will assist you for the purpose of throwing all the used diapers, tissues, pieces of clothes or any other wastage including snack wrappers.

Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby. zip-lock bags

  • Tissues:

Tissues are important, not only when you are traveling with your baby but also when you are traveling alone. You must consider tissues in your checklist; they are a must have for mothers especially when the baby is sitting in the backseat and eating a snack on his own.

  • Car window shade

If you are travelling by car, window shade is also a must. If the baby prefers to see the view outside the window, keep it off. However, you cannot control the direction of sun and if the baby is getting irritated by sunlight or wants to sleep, you can always put car window shade on.

  • First aid kit:

First aid kit assists you in case of any minor injuries. Just keep the basic items like infant capsules and bandages within it; such a kit must always be kept handy in car’s boot. Even if you wouldn’t need it, it can just stay in the car, but in case you do get into some trouble, you wouldn’t need to pull over and wait for medical care.

Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby. first aid kit

  • Toys:

Keep two or three random toys into your bag so in case your baby gets bored and starts bothering you, you can distract him to keep him occupied. Note that, while packing stuff for travelling, try avoiding ‘overload’; keep such items to a minimum.

  • Feeding bottle:

Babies are unpredictable; they can simply refuse to eat the snack that you have packed for journey. Milk, water, juice or any liquid can come in handy in this situation. Remember to take feeding bottle caps so that the feeder must be in its hygienic form before giving it to your child. It engages the bored baby and may even help in inducing sleep.

  • Extra outfit:

Mothers must always keep one extra outfit for the baby. You will never know when the diaper starts leaking, or baby might spill something on his clothes or get sick during the journey. Moreover, try to keep only those type of outfits that have attached socks and caps with them so that you do not forget packing them.

Smart Travel Checklist When Travelling With A Baby. baby outfit

  • A rash cream:

Keep a rash cream for your baby too, in case if your baby’s skin is very sensitive. Skin rashes disturb the baby and babies start crying frantically. Keeping a rash cream reduces the probability of such unexpected scenarios. It can be used for diaper rash, insect bite or any other redness during the journey.

  • Snacks

Pack some handy snacks along the way. It will reduce the chances of your baby getting cranky. Try to pack a variety of different snacks, not bulk of a single snack. Alternately, you can stop by Red Lobster and get some chicken fingers for about $6.49.

Keep in mind:

Too much stuff can create problems for you, to pack and then manage it; thus, it is important for you to opt for smart packing. All the basic items have been discussed above: you can consider adding or eliminating any item of your choice. On the safe side, keep your baby’s health care provider’s number in your phone contact list, in case if you feel the need to ask something during your travel.

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