Stress and Pregnancy: Time To Relax

A Happy Pregnant. Time To Avoid Stress
A Happy Pregnant. Time To Avoid Stress

Stress is a high tension condition of the body as a defensive reaction to various adverse factors, such as hunger, cold, physical or mental injury etc.. Stress and pregnancy sometimes go hand in hand.

Some say that stress is a satellite of pregnancy. Some say, that stress and pregnancy are the antagonists. But the truth is in the middle. Pregnancy itself – is a stress for the body, which has to survive severe changes in the hormonal state and physical metamorphosis. So there’s a little chance, that you are going to get through the pregnancy without the sign of stress. But the external stress factors may, unfortunately, provoke pregnancy complications with serious consequences. There are some rules you should observe in order to minimize the risk of being stressed at pregnancy.

Stress and pregnancy: what to do?

It’s simple: you have to be happy about your pregnancy. Mind that. No matter, how that has happened, if you have planned it or not: you have to be happy about it. If you decided to bring one more life to this mad world – congratulations! Now you’ll be responsible for one more creature, but you. Which is, no doubt, scary! “I don’t know what am I doing! Am I supposed to bring up a polite, intelligent, well-educated person, a fine member of the society, just like myself: not too curious, not too furious: right in the middle. Or give it a hippie-life and unlimited freedom of choice after the baby turns three.” – Many mothers-to-be have similar thoughts. Pregnancy is, no doubt, a responsible step. And nobody knows for sure, what are we supposed to be as parents. That is the point of parenting – you have to find out things by yourself. But if you are pregnant – carry the fetus happily.
This is the best thing you’ve ever done. This will be your personal human being till it turns 18. You can do what a good parent would want to do: bring up a better one you – a happy person. But you’d have to show a better one you as an example.

stress and pregnancy at workFor now the only thing you can do – become better, through loving somebody like you would. Why else would a modern person want to have children? Spread genes. We’re half animals, ladies. It’s a part of our nature. So relax. Really. As much as you can. And try not to starve (if you are not from Africa and have internet – it not hard not to starve). If possible – eat more vegetables and try to avoid eating much meat. The thing is – there’s a healthy nutrition for the pregnant that may help you out of stress. The doctors and the scientists toil to improve the health of people and the average age rate is more than twice higher than that of the 19th century! That is how far we have gone! And if you do something of that the doctors recommend – you’d leave a longer life.
So now: love your body, give it everything you can. Even if you want something sweet…
And mind that stress is not good. Your body may feel like you (and so the baby) are in danger and give it extra weight for the case of possible starvation. It may also throw the high level of cortisol into the blood of your baby and it would start to gain more, or become fat later. Jaque Fresco says that the research cases have shown that the children of those women, who have been through war, hunger and stress while pregnant – have overweight problems.

“There are some data to show that higher chronic stressors in women and poor coping skills to deal with those stressors may be associated with lower birth weight and with delivering earlier,” says Ann Borders, MD, MPH, MSc. She is an OB/GYN in the obstetrics and gynecology department, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, at Evanston Hospital, NorthShore University HealthSystem.

So develop your stress-coping skills. Make your best. You’re on the halfway – there’s still delivery!

Give the half of it to you partner

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and worries with your partner or relative. That is what the family is for – to share, to help, to bring up, to catch you, when you are falling and to be happy together with you. Let your close people know about your fears and worries – they have the right to participate. Try to avoid going through something big like pregnancy on your own.

You should not go through pregnancy stress: How to Love Your Pregnant Wife?

The game of hormones

pregnancy and stressDespite that you’re a modern woman, having plenty of information available in the open media sources, you can easily be dropped into a game of hormones. You have expectations and scenery of a good currency of your pregnancy. Anything may distort your expectations as your hormones will start to play their game. Just mind that now, if you are lucky enough to have some money, loving relatives and a husband – there’s no reason to have stress. At all. If you don’t have a husband – nothing changes – at least you won’t have any expectations of sharing the responsibility. It’s all yours.

Losing confidence because of the looks

Stress and pregnancy – a combination, that may take place because of the changes in your body. Sure, it would become different. And the most horrifying will be the condition of your skin. There’s a bunch of hormones, that are aimed to prepare your body for the birth procedure. Your skin will become stretchy and loose. It’s supposed to be so! I can give you a link to the albums that motivated me a lot, while pregnant.

“After the C-Section my belly would hang over in a piece of fat and skin of my empty belly would almost reach my bikini zone. I was smashed. And called my friend, the doctor. He said: “Think positively, now It would cover the scar of your C-Section.” Which was true. Probably, now I look sexier, than before, because I’ve put some efforts into restoring my pre-pregnant body. So I shaped it even a little bit better.”

pregnancy and stressFrom the point of aesthetics, there’s nothing to worry about: there are diapers, formulas, cradles, prams – there are tools to help you with your baby. You will have much more free time than our mothers did to take care of your looks, just don’t be lazy.
Pregnancy is not a disease; however, it may lead to numerous inconveniences, related to the biggest job your body is going to do. So help it as much as you can. Be patient to the early signs of pregnancy and miscarriage symptoms. You can still work… Or get yourself a hobby, change your life completely: whatever makes you happy. The point, like I said, to be happy. Unhappy parents are the reason for unhappy children. By happiness, I do not mean wealth. I mean the state of your conscious when you realize – you’re a part of the universe with a new universe inside! Isn’t that the biggest free experiment nature itself would let you participate in? You’d be doing great, I promise! There are benefits of pregnancy and parenting you may read about.

How to cope with stress

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