Summer Activities for the Whole Family

summer activities for the whole family

Summer holidays are on the horizon. While having the kids at home for a couple of months is always something to look forward to, we would be lying if we said there was no added pressure that goes hand in hand with the holiday period. We all know that feeling of having a full house and no activities on the cards.

One of the best ways to make the most of your family’s summer is to plan some unusual activities that you can all look back on fondly. For the kids, having some fun and exciting stories to return to school with makes all the difference. Check out our top picks for something different to try this summer.

The classic picnic

For the gloriously sunny days, a picnic is always a good idea. Get the family into the car, go to your favorite green space, and claim your spot for the next couple of hours. Don’t forget things like books, games to play and sun protection for all – including sun cream and maybe even a snazzy pair of Ray Ban Juniors for the little ones. Regarding food: salads, dips and sandwiches always go down a treat.summer activities - family picnic

Visit a pick-your-own farm

If you are a family that loves all things food, why not try out a pick-your-own farm. There are plenty to choose from no matter where you’re located. The farms are a wonderful way to teach your kids a thing or two about how food finds its way to your plate. You can even return home afterward with your freshly-picked apples, berries or vegetables, and make your own jam, salsa or preserved goods together.

Museums and galleries for the rainy days

Just because it’s raining does not mean you and your family need to be stuck inside. Getting your kids interested in museums from an early age is always a good idea and who knows, it may even foster in them a curiosity that can materialize into a career someday, such as with science. From art galleries and history museums to aquariums and zoos, there’s no shortage of ideas for educational days out for all to enjoy.

Take a class and learn a new skill

Whether an activity, a hobby or a new skill, consider taking a class with the whole family. Perhaps something arty like a pottery class, something active like archery, or maybe even something with animals like horse-riding. The important thing is to get the whole family involved in trying something summer activites

Volunteer together

There are plenty of volunteer options both near and afar. Environmental projects are a great way to stay outdoors: from conservation work in nature reserves, to sustainability ventures and even upkeep or maintenance of hiking trails. If you want to try something less remote, perhaps ask in your local elderly home and see if anyone needs some company. There are also a number of cultural options with local theaters for example. Whatever you choose, you could find you and your family getting very involved in a particular project that opens up your eyes to the bigger picture.

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