Surrogacy Ukraine Babies: Where Are They Now?

Surrogacy Ukraine Babies: Where are they now? happy sign

As surrogacy Ukraine sees hundreds more intending parents per year, we take a look at two families from two very different parts of the world, and how they are doing now, years after having a child born through surrogacy Ukraine.

Amilie and James Franghton, California, United States

Surrogacy Ukraine Babies: Where are they now? California, United States

Amilie and James required a surrogate to conceive their baby daughter, Elaine, now three years old. Amilie was diagnosed with a rare condition that kept her from being able to carry a child to term.

“It was really hard for a few years. We would get pregnant, then almost like clockwork, three months later I would miscarry.” Amilie and James suffered over six miscarriages before seeking the advice of a fertility clinic. “My doctor almost immediately suggested surrogacy. There were few surgeries that could adjust my uterus to make it work. Almost all of them were incredible controversial.” James and Amilie then sought out solutions for going forward with surrogacy.  “We had been married for five years by this time, and we couldn’t wait to start our family. We spoke to a representative of our surrogacy agency and they suggested surrogacy Ukraine. I was really distrustful at first, being that far away during the whole process and I didn’t really know alot about surrogacy Ukraine.”

“[Our daughter] is

 absolutely the light of our life.

Every single day that we have

 her is a blessing”

“I ended up doing a load of research and booking us tickets to meet potential surrogates.” James chimes in. “The whole process went really smoothly. We were lucky as our surrogate was able to get pregnant after only two rounds of IVF.” Fast forward three years to a gorgeous smiling child, running around her parents house in a princess dress, with a small toy dragon clutched in one perfect hand. “She’s absolutely the light of our life. Every single day that we have with her is a blessing.” Elaine, is the picture of a happily energetic three year old. “I think she looks quite a bit like James.” Amilie smiles in the direction of her husband. He laughs. “She really does, my mother sent over some of my baby photos and the resemblance is uncanny. As she gets older though, I can see more and more of her mother in her.”

“Surrogacy Ukraine saved us.

It gave us a family, which is something that has brought

so much joy and meaning to our lives.

 I don’t know where we’d be without it”

Amilie and James report that she has had no health problems whatsoever. “She was just a really happy baby.” Both parents denying seeing any traits from the surrogate. “I’m ½ African American and James is second generation Japanese. It was almost shocking to see a dark skinned asian child being born to beautiful blonde. Our surrogate was very fair skinned, with blue eyes. When Elaine was born, it became a bit of a running joke about how perfectly cooked our little bun was.” Amilie laughs at the memory. “The only thing that was hard for me,” she continues, “is that we haven’t been able to have much of a relationship with our surrogate. Initially we thought we wouldn’t like to have her in our lives, in Elaine’s life, at all, but after awhile we realized that we were wrong. We’re just so grateful for our little girl. I hope she knows that.” Amilie and James surrogate denied to keep in touch with the pair following the birth of Elaine. Amilie and James happily report that there is no ill will from themselves or their surrogate, “it’s just impractical really. She helped us when we needed it most and I imagine that she is now busy helping others or tending to her own family. Whatever it is, she will always be in our hearts, because without her, we couldn’t have ever dreamed of having a life this perfect.”

David and Mary Williams, United Kingdom

Surrogacy Ukraine Babies: Where are they now? UK

Mary and David Williams had their child, Alfie, in 2007 via surrogacy Ukraine. Mary had to undergo a partial hysterectomy at a young age due to multiple health problems. “We knew that Mary would be unable to carry a child before we got married. That didn’t deter me for a minute. The second I met her, I knew that she would be my wife.” David recalls how he and Mary met, on a blind date set up facilitated by mutual friends. “At first, we didn’t really think that we wanted to have children. You don’t when you’re young. By the time we had been married for five years, and Mary had just turned 36, we were playing with my sisters children during a holiday in France and knew that we were missing something in our lives.”

“We were playing with my sisters

children during a holiday

and knew that we were

 missing something in our lives.”

“I had been reading through one of my celebrity mags, when I hit an article that talked about how some famous couple had had a child via surrogacy. I suggested the idea to David, and right away he was a supporter of it.” Mary tells us that after quite a bit of research and paperwork, the settled with a surrogate out of Ukraine. “Surrogacy Ukraine was quite a bit cheaper than all of the other surrogate programs we looked at. David found some mixed reviews about how the surrogate mothers were treated there, so we ended up going through a reputable surrogacy agency. It was a really lovely experience. We had a small bit of trouble with some of the paperwork towards the end of the process, but our agency smoothed it all out quite nicely.”

“Alfie is absolutely amazing. He’s incredibly perceptive. Always gets tops marks in school and plays with the other kids really well. He’s such a great child. Always a joy.” We asked David and Mary if Alphie knew that he was born via surrogate. “Of course he knows. We’ve always been very open and honest with him, because we expect the same of him.” Mary describes their relationship with the subject as “simple”. “He knows that because I was sick when I was younger, I wasn’t able to have him in myself. But he also knows that – genetically- he is 100% our child.” David reports that they talked about it with him often as he was growing up, so that the subject was more transparent and never viewed as  inappropriate. “It was something that he was always really proud of. He’s got a real keen sense of science about him. Loves everything to do with it.” David laughs “He can’t decide between wanting to be a physicist and a bio-engineer. I don’t think that he ever had any problems with the way he was conceived. No kids at his school gave him any guff that we knew about. He knows without any question that he is our child. And that’s good enough for us, because it’s good enough for him.”

“We went with surrogacy Ukraine because it was cheaper…

now we recommend it to friends and family

because the experience was so wonderful.

 [Our son] has no problems with the way he was born….

And that’s good enough for us,

because it’s good enough for him”

“We wouldn’t ever dream of changing anything. There were no real problems. Everything went perfectly. We have a beautiful son, with a beautiful mind. Our life is finally complete and you can’t say fairer than that.” Alfie plans to enter into the National Science + Engineering Competition next year.

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