Swelling After Birth: How to Get Rid of Swollen Feet After Pregnancy?

swollen feet after pregnancy

A lot of women know about swollen feet after pregnancy first-hand. And it’s not just an unpleasant phenomenon: very often swollen feet after pregnancy are a symptom of serious health problems. If you’ve noticed swollen feet only during the first weeks after pregnancy, and then your feet have returned to a normal state – don’t worry! Your body is getting rid of the accumulated fluid, but sometimes this process can take 3-4 weeks. And it’s natural: a young mum has a lot of things to do and the physiological processes just don’t have enough time to bounce back.

The reasons for swollen feet after pregnancy

But if the swelling doesn’t disappear for long, the reasons can be more serious: for example, impaired kidney function or a chronic disease. The kidneys are under high stress and their function may not recover. Such phenomenon takes place very often.

The second reason is varicose veins. It’s also not uncommon: the veins of a lot of pregnant women suffer, that’s why their feet can swell after birth. And it’s better to start treating the veins as soon as possible.

You should necessarily consult the doctor in the cases mentioned above. If you’ve just noticed varicose veins, try to rest on your back, putting your feet up; make foot baths; keep to a diet that contains blood thinning products.

the reasons for swollen feet after pregnancy

By the way, the most common cause of swollen feet after pregnancy is unhealthy diet and lifestyle. A lot of women think that after birth they can eat everything, especially those who don’t breastfeed. And the women begin «to party», eat a lot of salty, fried, and smoked dishes, and drink sugary sodas. Such food can cause negative changes in blood composition. And this, in turn, leads to the same problems: kidney disease and varicose veins.

If you want to restore your body after pregnancy and avoid swollen feet, try to eat more boiled, stewed, and baked food with a minimal amount of salt. Choose herbal teas, fruit drinks, and pure or mineral water to drink. Try to have a rest several times during the day and change activity: the swelling won’t disappear when your body is always in vertical position.

Sometimes swollen feet can also be caused by high blood pressure. You often have a headache in such a case (but it’s not always a symptom).

How to get rid of swollen feet after pregnancy?

If the swelling isn’t caused by pathological conditions, you are able to get rid of it on your own. Despite the fact that you are spending most of the day on your feet, try to walk and get more fresh air: a calm walk in a park is not the same thing as running around the apartment «back and forth». Foot massage with ice also helps a lot to relieve the swelling.

An excellent tool is contrast shower! Finish it up with cold water and rub your feet with a rough towel. After the shower, apply a cream for swollen feet with menthol, Shea Butter, jojoba or almond oil. The choice is really wide today.

how to get rid of swollen feet after pregnancy - foot bath

The warm baths with herbs and sea salt also relieve the swelling. You could take, for example, Melissa, oregano, nettle, and many other herbs.

Remember that your shoes should be comfortable! Don’t also seat cross-legged – it impairs blood flow. Some simple exercises also help to get rid of swollen feet quickly. Try to do light exercise on a regular basis.

All in all, you should remember that if swollen feet after pregnancy bother you for a not very long period of time, you can get rid of the problem yourself. But if the swelling doesn’t disappear for a long time, consult a doctor. Don’t be scared if you’ve noticed that your feet are swollen: if you start treatment in time, you’ll forget about the swelling after pregnancy very soon!

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