Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy: Possible Causes and Treatment

tailbone pain during pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain about various pains that appear at different periods of time and in different places. But tailbone pain during pregnancy is one of the most frequent complaints. Of course, this does not mean that such a pain is a norm.

Still, it is necessary to understand that not every pain in a pregnant woman is an indispensable sign of a serious pathology. However, a woman should not ignore tailbone pain during pregnancy. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary worries and anxieties, it is worth to consult a gynecologist who will assess the condition of the future mother and prescribe adequate therapy.

Pain in Tailbone during Pregnancy

Tailbone pain during pregnancy varies in intensity. It depends on the cause of the pain. First of all, this pain during pregnancy can be manifested due to the natural processes that occur in the coccygeal vertebrae in this period.

Diseases that cause tailbone pain:

  • Proctalgia.
  • Anal neuralgia.
  • Coccyalgia.
  • Anorectal pain.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy can be acute, dull, periodic or permanent. It can spread to the rectum, pelvic organs, lower limbs, perineum and lower abdomen.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy may occur while sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable body position.

tailbone pain during pregnancy. backache

After the first manifestations of the pain syndrome in the tailbone, you need to consult your doctor – a gynecologist who observes your pregnancy. The doctor will determine himself or give a referral to a specialist, for diagnosing the causative disease.

Possible Causes of Tailbone Pain during Pregnancy

  • Unpleasant sensations, sometimes escalating into unbearable pain in the region of the waist and coccyx, can manifest themselves at different periods of pregnancy and should not be ignored by the future mother. This is due to the fact that the reasons of the tailbone pain during pregnancy can be related both to the natural restructuring and preparation of the woman’s organism for the forthcoming birth, and to some danger.
  • In the early and late stages of pregnancy, it is extremely difficult to find out the cause of tailbone pain during pregnancy. Only a doctor can do this. In most cases, pain can be associated with the following phenomena:
  • Injuries of the tailbone, pelvis or back in the past. Any discomfort from the previous traumas the woman may not feel at all, but during pregnancy, especially in early terms, approximately from 10 – 11 weeks, the trauma can make itself felt.
  • During the gestation period, in most cases the female figure is changing. In particular, changes occur with pelvic bones. They diverge, thus, preparing the way for the birth of a child. For the same reason, the tailbone may deform and change. These changes can cause discomfort.tailbone pain during pregnancy - future mom in discomfort


  • In late pregnancy, the uterus increases significantly in size. This causes the displacement of some internal organs and pressure on them. As a result of excessive pressure in the pelvic bones, tailbone and sacrum, the tension of the ligaments occurs. This is why pain intensifies during this period.
  • If during the gestation period you feel severe pain in the region of the tailbone, especially at 10-11 weeks, then you need to make sure that the cause is not the pinching of the nerve.

Other Possible Causes

  • In early pregnancy, the pain may indicate that development and further bearing of the fetus is threatened. Most often it happens on the 10th-11th week of pregnancy.
  • Lack of magnesium in the body of the future mother. Also, tailbone pain during pregnancy may be a result of lack of calcium.
  • At the 10th-11th week of pregnancy, the inflammatory processes of the uterus and appendages can cause pain.
  • Between the tailbone and the sacrum there are bone joints, the defeat of inflammatory processes or the accumulation of salts in which can lead to the appearance of severe discomfort.
  • Problems with the spine, which are caused by various diseases, including neurological ones.
  • Diseases that are directly related to the damage of the rectum. Women during pregnancy quite often face such problems as hemorrhoids, anal fissures and proctitis. Discomfort can be caused not only at the time when the disease progresses, but also when its severe symptomatology is absent.

tailbone pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy backache

  • Difficult previous birth, during which the tailbone was injured.
  • Problems with stool during pregnancy, namely regular constipation or diarrhea. Long time spent in the toilet can also provoke pain in the tailbone.
  • Deviations in the functioning of the genitourinary system associated with various diseases that occur systematically.
  • The transferred stress can serve as the reason of the majority of diseases and deviations in work of an organism, including soreness in the field of the tailbone.

What to Do?

If during the period from 10 to 11 weeks of pregnancy the woman feels pain in the region of the tailbone, which increases as the fetus grows, she must inform the doctor about this problem. The doctor will determine why painful feelings arise and how to deal with them. If the cause does not lie in the accompanying diseases, but is a normal reaction of the body, the following recommendations can be given:

  • Use of a special obstetrical binder, with which you can evenly distribute the load.
  • Exercises that require a fit ball. As a rule, these exercises are included in any gymnastic complex for future mothers. They can relieve the load from the back, in particular, its lower part.
  • If a doctor prescribes acupuncture treatment, then it should be administered under his supervision.

tailbone pain during pregnancy. Acupuncture for pregnancy

  • Removing the pain syndrome with the help of dry heat. For this purpose, a small hot-water bag is best.
  • Use of special ointments, compresses.
  • In case when the tailbone is very sore at the beginning of pregnancy or at a later date, it is not worth ignoring the discomfort. Timely provided assistance will greatly facilitate the state of the future mother and allow her to give birth to the healthy baby.


If tailbone pain during pregnancy is caused by certain diseases, then it is necessary to carry out therapeutic treatment of the causative illness.

There are several basic and general rules for the behavior of a pregnant woman in case of tailbone pain, which can significantly reduce the intensity of pain and improve the quality of life during pregnancy.

These rules include:

  • prevention of constipation;
  • choose the right pose for a night’s sleep;
  • choose hard surfaces for sitting;
  • from the second half of pregnancy it is necessary to wear a supporting bandage;

tailbone pain during pregnancy. supporting bandage

  • attend classes or do special exercises of physiotherapy for pregnant women independently on a regular basis;
  • without the recommendation and appointment of a doctor it is forbidden to conduct sessions of acupuncture, massage and other physiotherapy;
  • to relieve acute coccygeal pain, you can apply a warm dry compress on the affected area;
  • before applying anesthetic ointments, it is necessary to consult a doctor who is treating and observing your pregnancy. Many ointments designed for joints and bones can cause irreparable harm, both to the body of a young mother, and to the fetus.

Pregnancy Without Tailbone Pain

Practically every woman experiences some kind of discomfort during pregnancy. Many women suffer from toxicosis, low blood pressure and pain in the back and tailbone. Sometimes the tailbone hurts so much that it spreads to the legs and pulls the back. As a result, it hurts to walk and sit. If the doctor does not find anything serious during the examination this means that tailbone pain during pregnancy appears because the pelvis expands and the body prepares for childbirth.

In this case, you just have to wait, and try to reduce the symptoms using the above tips. Pregnancy and pain in the tailbone go hand in hand. After childbirth exhausting and distressing symptoms disappear by themselves. Keep in mind that, if you have tailbone pain during pregnancy, you should immediately visit the doctor’s office. He will assess the condition of the future mother and prescribe the necessary therapy.

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