TENS for Pain Management and Better Life Quality

TENS for Pain Management and Better Life Quality.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation [TENS] is a small device that is used to manage pain, at home. It has electrodes, which send stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. These impulses encourage the body to release extra endorphins that acts as a natural painkiller. This helps to decrease aching around the painful areas.

How does TENS device work?

The device has different adjustable voltage setting, which helps to control the intensity or magnitude of stimulation. Sticky electrodes are positioned at specific pain areas and TENS device is turned on. Electric current gets delivered through electrodes to skin and tissue stimulating certain nerve pathway, so as to produce massaging and tingling sensation, which decreases the pain awareness.

Best TENS unit, when used as directed is safe, drug-free, and non-invasive pain management method.

What does TENS device do to reduce or eliminate the pain?

There are two theories suggested and explained, which help pain management.

 Gate Control theory – Gate control theory is the most advanced explanation, which suggests that there is a neural mechanism in your spinal cord. It acts as a kind of gate to shut or open the signals flow from periphery to brain. It does not matter, if the gate is closed, open or partially open. What matters is the kind of signal received from the brain to change the opinion of pain in the user’s body. Frequencies from the TENS unit interferes with pain message transmission to the specific spinal cord. Thus, helps to block the transmission of pain signal to your brain.

TENS for Pain Management and Better Life Quality. TENS-Unit-for-Pain

 Endorphin release theory – This theory suggests that electric current stimulates endorphins and enkaphalins production in your body. These are natural morphine-like substances, which obstruct pain signals reaching your brain. It is just like conservative drug therapy, but safe because there is no risk of side effects and dependence.

Types of pain

  • Episodic pain – It recurs periodically. It can disrupt your daily activities.
  • Pathophysiological pain – Impact of life incidents that are hard to relieve.
  • Acute pain – These can be constant, for long stretch of years, or permanent.

Using TENS will make you feel powerful

Chronic pain leaves you fatigued, immobilized, bed ridden, overweight, low concentration at workplace, missed work, unemployment, loss of income, concerns, depression, low self-confidence, family issues, dependence, or withdrawal. The longer the duration of chronic pain, the more it becomes difficult to eliminate it.

TENS for Pain Management and Better Life Quality. tens for pain relief

Sufferers start taking refuge with morphine related drugs in order to get the relief. Over a period of time, they build the tolerance, and increase the dosage. This can possibly root negative effects. Fortunately, TENS unit is the latest pain management technology. It helps to release endorphins, which desensitize pain feelings. Thus, you get to exercise and grow healthy.

Doctors working with patients suffering from chronic pain recommend using TENS to fight with all kinds of pain levels. It helps to relax muscles around painful areas, and make the blood flow towards it. Thus, your body becomes less tense, and the muscle spasms that you experience will get reduced or disappear.

Make sure to consult with your physician before using TENS. The device must never be used around heart, head, or breast tissues. Even pregnant ladies, people with cancer, or having a pacemaker, must avoid this therapy.

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