The Accessibility of Paternity Tests And How To Get One

The Accessibility of Paternity Tests And How To Get One. dna test

It seems absolutely crazy that you can pick up a paternity test over the counter these days. Collected in the same list as hayfever tablets or paracetamol. But, technology has advanced so much, we’re now at that point.

Now, of course, nobody particularly wishes to be in the position where a DNA test is necessary. But in so many cases there are situations where we need to trace long lost relatives, or ultimately the birth of a new child needs a father confirming. It’s 2018.

And in 2018, it’s easier than ever to discover this.

DNA has advanced considerably in the last few decades. Once exclusively used by police to convict criminals, in fact the first sentence given based on DNA evidence was only in 1987. Thirty years later, we’re at a point where it’s accessible to all.

You can pick up a DNA testing kit from a pharmacy and even online these days, with some of the best DNA kit for parental tests available online. What’s more, they’re so simple to use and you can get the results within just a couple of weeks.

The Accessibility of Paternity Tests And How To Get One. testing

There are a number of reasons to use one, whether you’re looking to discover a parent yourself, identify the parent of your newborn, or even track down your ancestral heritage.

The likes of are particularly useful for the latter, and it can be incredibly important. Things such as hereditary ailments can be uncovered this way, allowing yourself and offspring to be checked and help prevention.

So, How Do You Invest And Use a DNA Test?

There are dozens of fantastic kits available online. Once ordered you’ll receive it through the post and then it’s simply a case of sampling some DNA and sending it back via the post to be tested.

There are a number of different ways this can be done, the most common being a swab test, taken from inside the cheek. If this isn’t possible though, there are multiple ways from fresh blood, to hair and nail samples.

This will then be sent off to the lab, where scientists will carry out research, picking fragments of a DNA profile in order to match up with parental lineage. This is due to a child’s STR profile containing 50% of the fragments coming from the mother and 50% from the child’s natural father.

The Accessibility of Paternity Tests And How To Get One. dna

This can then be compared against prospective parents to determine who the parents are.

The results of the test will then be sent back to you through the post.

This is making it easier than ever before to connect with family, and all at a relatively low cost. Parental tests can be taken for as little as $100, and not only can it be a great way to determine parenthood, it can also be a lifesaver when it comes to tracking down ancestors.

It’s done discreetly and is well worth looking into if you’re looking to find out parental lineage for either you or your child.

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