The Ultimate Portable Paint Machine for DIY Moms

The Ultimate Portable Paint Machine for DIY Moms. a printing machine for a mom

Unless you enjoy painting by hand and spending countless hours on a project that you could knock out in a fraction of the time, a handheld paint sprayer is a must-have tool for DIY mom’s. Let’s face it, DIY projects are fun, but knocking them out fast so we have more time with the kids sounds like a better idea.

When it comes to painting, projects usually never get done fast. The thought alone makes me think “disaster awaits.”  There’s prep work like covering floors, taping walls, and having brushes and rollers ready. When you rush through these types of projects, you’ll most likely have a big mess on your hands. That’s why it might be a good idea to invest in a paint sprayer. I’m sure you have heard some of the horror stories like clogged nozzles and such, but if you select the best handheld paint sprayer for your type of home projects, you may find that painting becomes super fun and easy.

Cool uses for a paint sprayer

These tools are totally useful for all sorts of cool projects – think painting mason jars, spraying furniture, even refurbishing garage sale items.  We’ve seen them work fantastic on headboards, rocking chairs, and old baby furniture that people complete refinished to new.

painted jars

Hallmarks of the Best Paint Machine

It is lightweight, compact, and does not require a lengthy perusal of the owner’s manual. This machine operates on an intuitive level. It makes paint tasks quick and simple and would be suitable for both an amateur and advanced level user. Because each project is a little different, you are looking for a unit with optional attachments for different finishes. Similarly, cleanup should be a snap to a point where you don’t dread taking it out of the box. Most importantly, this machine is sufficiently inexpensive that you can pick it up this afternoon without having to budget for it.

Meet The HomeRight Finish Max Spray Gun

The HomeRight product hits all the right notes.

  • Handheld. You do not need a compressor to operate the product. Rather, it fits in your hand and goes where you need to apply paint.
  • Versatile. Are you applying stain to a fence that you have been meaning to treat this year? No problem. What about latex paint that you plan to use on your interior doors? Again, no problem.
  • Adjustable. The machine accommodates an adjustable spray pattern. Select a one-inch-wide pattern for smaller jobs such as trim pieces. The six-inch-wide path makes spray-painting the doors easy and fast.
  • Predictable. The spray pattern can be vertical, horizontal, or circular. No matter which setup you select, the paint comes out evenly, which leads to a professional look on the finished product.

The Ultimate Portable Paint Machine for DIY Moms. diy

If you have never owned a paint sprayer before, this is the ideal model to invest in. Inexpensive, easy to use and easy to clean, the sprayer works well for the typical projects you encounter around the home. You don’t even have to be a DIY’er to be able to produce great results, it’s just so easy to use. Even if you don’t get a ton of use out of it, you’ll look forward to breaking it out on those projects that do require it. Since the machine works with a low-pressure setting, you do not have the over-spray that high-pressure sprayers create. As a result, it is not necessary to mask off a lot of the surrounding area – which is a huge plus!

Another neat feature that sets apart the HomeRight finish sprayer is that everything you need is included in the box. You do not have to buy after-market kits to make the paint sprayer more functional nor do you need a compressor. Similarly, you do not receive a one-trick-pony that you have to upgrade just to uncover some of its functionality. For the first-time DIYer or anyone in the market for a good-quality sprayer, this is the one that has everything you need and nothing that you do not.

Going a Different Route

Another product that you might want to consider is the Wagner Power Painter Plus. It enables you to tackle larger projects like spraying ceilings and walls. However, this model comes with a learning curve. Moreover, the larger paint reservoir adds weight to the unit. Therefore, it does not feel as comfortable using it in tight quarters. However, it still gets the job done quickly and easily and beats using a roller.

The Ultimate Portable Paint Machine for DIY Moms. airless-paint-sprayer

Paint Sprayers Have Downsides, Too

The HomeRight is the perfect example of a small paint sprayer that’s great for mommy DIYers. However, it is not the right choice when you want to take on a massive house-painting project. Unless you have a lot of time to spend on refilling the paint reservoir (you guessed it, it’s small), select a larger machine. Besides that, there is a noise factor to consider. Granted, it is not overly obnoxious, but you should know that it exists. I actually used mine with my 4-year old knapping close by and she didn’t budge.

Most importantly, cleanup is a must. If you do not take the time to rinse the components of a paint sprayer carefully, there is a good chance that you do end up with clogged nozzles. In fact, you should clean up as soon as you finish a project. Otherwise, paint thickens, and it becomes more difficult to remove it from inside the nozzle setups. A fast cleanup only means more time with the family.

For a wide variety of paint sprayers for just about anyone, I would suggest selecting the best handheld paint sprayer after you review this sprayer guide.

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