The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. parents with a newborn

Truth be told, in the case of newborns, even the most rational among us may fall into the trap: you should definitely buy that new generation device that keeps your baby healthy and happy.

We’re here to the rescue and the very first piece of advice to tell you is that you should stop putting all that pressure and take a deep breath. Yes, your baby is going to need some of the items down below, but he’s going to need your love and care more than anything else. Even if you’re not going to be able to get all that baby stuff, it’s the hugging and loving that he likes the most.

What Do You Need When Your Baby Gets Home?

Listing things is always helpful and you should take our list (and any other type of list) with a grain of salt. For instance, you don’t want to break the bank for getting the best humidifier in town. You may need the extra buck for something more important like diapers.

Without any further ado, here’s our list:

 Car seat

The car seat is not an option; it’s in fact mandatory by federal law and even your hospital isn’t going to allow you to leave without having one.

Baby car seats (aka “infant buckets”) are great as they come with a carry handle, which gives them high portability and ease of use. They snap into a base and they’re great in the beginning for so many things.

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. graco-car-seat

Don’t worry about not being able to find one that fits both your wallet and your needs. As a matter of fact, the market gives you plenty of options that come at a nice range of prices, without compromising on the quality or reliability (safety first!).


Even though you’re going to feel like paying the high dollar upfront, you should make a wise investment and buy a stroller that comes with an adapter for your baby car seat model. You’re going to get two carrying options for just one price and it’s all worth it on the long run.

Otherwise, you should look for a frame stroller which is a frame with wheels that lets you snap the baby car seat into. Easy peasy, right?

You should also search for a soft carrier which gives you plenty of freedom of movement and you don’t put your baby right on the floor either. From sling to wrap to front-to-back convertible, the soft carriers come in a great variety of options. The best way to select one is to have a chat with some moms and find out about their take on the best model.

 Breast pump

We all know that new moms out there may get all tired and frustrated after a while and a breast pump can make the whole nursing process a lot more comfortable. A good breast pump is going to reduce engorgement and establish milk supply. Even though there are so many options and models out there, it’s better that you look into the possibility of renting a hospital-grade one. Not only that you’re only going to use the breast pump for a short amount of time, but a hospital-grade one is stronger, dependable, sanitary and, needless to say, returnable.

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. best-single-electric-breast-pumps

 Bottles and formula

The suggestions on this matter depend a lot on when you’re planning to start using a bottle. It’s quite common for new parents to start using the bottle a lot sooner than expected.

You may go with the glass or the BPA-free plastic bottle, the classic-style nipples or breast-mimicking ones. Some come with gas-reducing valve technology, whereas others feature disposable liners.

If you’re thinking about a formula-feed or you’re simply supplementing, the options are plenty. Organic, soy and even reflux-reducing formulas are completing the list, along the traditional models. Not keeping the formula in the beginning in the house may help you not to fall into temptation and stick to breastfeeding.

5 Burp cloths

There’s no other way to put it: there’s going to be plenty of spit-up once you bring your baby home. You should buy at least 15-20 burp cloths. As you’re going to need so many, you should look into discount and coupons for getting the best deal. For instance, an iPlay Baby discount code is going to be really useful not only for the burp cloths, but also for so many other items you need for your baby’s care and health. is a great online store that offers you numerous healthy and practical products for your baby’s whole development and well-being so make time to check it before you go shopping.

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. burp cloths

6 Nursing pillow

If you’re determined to stick to breastfeeding, you should look into buying a nursing pillow. This type of pillow helps your baby with the feeding, while keeping your comfortable too. A contoured positioner with a clipping strap to keep the pillow in place could work as well.

Don’t forget to buy yourself a couple of nursing bras or tank tops so that it gets easier when nursing. The nursing pads should also be on your shopping list as you don’t want to leak through your shirts.

7 Digital thermometer

Fever in the first weeks of your newborn’s life can get really bad pretty fast and even require medical attention. You should get a digital thermometer as it’s going to help you obtain the most precise temperature reading. Even though the ear and forehead thermometers are great in the middle of the night (you never want to wake up a sleeping baby!), they may not be the most accurate type.

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. digital thermometer

8 Humidifier

The humidifier is a great tool to have around the house as it’s able to clean the air in the room, killing bacteria and improving the quality of air. There are many options out there so do due diligence before making a decision.

9 Nail clipper

This is one thing that many of us really struggle: the baby nails. Amazingly enough, they grow really fast and babies do scratch, hurting themselves. Cutting their tiny nails is a challenge, especially when you don’t have the skills for it (just yet) so buying a model that is easy to use, without posing any risk for your baby is important. You should buy a large-grip clipper that features an optional magnifying glass and even light so that you can see everything a lot better.

 Diapers and everything related

The diapering strategy is a bit nerve wrecking (to say the least). You may want to go with the cloth diapers but you should be prepared for a lot of cleaning and washing. The “eco” diapers are another way to go with so take your time before choosing.

It’s only a matter of time until you’re going to have to use a diaper cream. No matter how careful you are, the risk for some diaper rash is high. You may find diaper creams that are formulated with all-natural ingredients, but make sure that it contains 12 to 20% zinc oxide.

The Very Short List of Things You Need for Your Newborn. Diapers

When you’re using cloth diapers, a diaper cream with no petroleum is the best solution.

Let’s not forget to mention the diaper bag as you are going to leave the house (eventually!). A good diaper bag has waterproof/microfiber surface, features plenty of pockets for storing the essential and comes with backpack straps or it can be slung cross-body.

 Baby clothes

Many suggest that the one-piece footed pajamas are the best choice, especially in the first weeks. The footed PJs are really practical and last thing you want on some fancy outfit is to see a baby spit on it. (let’s not mention that it took you more than 10 minutes to put it on!)

 Sleep soothers

This is also another area where you have so many options to choose from. The pacifiers, the swaddles and many more are going to help your baby get in a more relaxed mood faster and easier.

 Co-sleeper or bassinet

Many newborns love sleeping with their moms in the beginning. Co-sleepers are great in the first couple of months. They’re easy to attach to your bed and come with a padded drop-side for transferring your baby to his one sleep space a lot easier.

One last tip

The list could go on for quite some time, but it’s better that we stick to the essentials this time. Nevertheless, each baby has his own needs (and so do you), so feel free to get everything that you think your baby is going to need!

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