The Wonders of the Bio Ethanol Fireplace

The Wonders of the Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Does your home lack a chimney? If so, fear not, because a bio ethanol fireplace, otherwise referred to as a gel fuel fireplace, has the ability to offer the beauty of traditional fireplaces to any space. This can happen without the mess and difficulty involved with wood burning alternatives.

Home design trends are increasingly incorporating fireplaces for added beauty. While this was once very expensive to add, bio ethanol fireplaces have made it easy for any residence to feature the cozy feel offered by open flame without the requirement of ventilation, cleanup or hassle. There are numerous benefits to adding a bio ethanol fireplace which should be considered in full.


No matter if you are interested in a tabletop version or a wall-mounted option, there are bio ethanol fireplaces to suit any design, whether modern, traditional or transitional. These products operate almost as a piece of stand-alone art, even when not in use. They serve as the fantastic focal point that every room needs, and they create a conversation starter no matter where they are placed.

The Wonders of the Bio Ethanol Fireplace. bio ethanol fireplace

Environmentally Sound

Those who install bio ethanol fireplaces can feel good about what they are doing for the environment as well. Traditional wood burning fireplaces can add to the problem of climate change and deforestation. However, bio fuel used for these new alternatives is made from sugar and starch crops. The fire produced is clean burning and there is no need to cut down a single tree for their operation.

Maintenance-Free Living

A bio ethanol fireplace or table top fireplace does not require a homeowner to repeatedly stoke the flames in order to keep a fire going. There is also no need to perform extensive cleanup of soot and ash. In order to enjoy this type of fire, all that is needed is the addition of fuel.

Ventilation Not Required

Perhaps one of the best features of a bio ethanol fireplace is the fact that it does not require ventilation. These products can be installed anywhere at all, because there is no disruption in ambient oxygen and no smoke will be generated.

The air quality will be just as good as if no fireplace was present. A fireplace of this nature can be used even in a room without windows, making them great for all types of homes and businesses.

The Wonders of the Bio Ethanol Fireplace. bioethanol fireplace

Health Considerations

Fires that involved the burning of wood can be harmful to the health of many, including children, pets and the elderly. Wood fires are known to create particular contaminants connected to the emergence and exacerbation of asthma, cancer and other serious ailments. Bio ethanol options do not produce these types of health hazards and therefore represent a much better option for households of all types.

Safety Considerations

It is possible to obtain ethanol fireplace products that incorporate the latest technological advances and are entirely safe for any application. The ethanol burners used in these appliances feature sensors designed to detect CO2, overheating and the like.

When a malfunction is detected, the unit will shut off automatically and display an error message explaining the issue. As such, those who purchase these models can rest assured that the safety of their families and homes will always be protected. Bio ethanol fireplaces really do represent a significant innovation over traditional, dirty and often dangerous wood burning fireplaces.

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