Things to Know Before Your First Pregnancy

Things to Know Before Your First Pregnancy. pregnant belly


People have had a difficult time getting used to the idea of giving birth. Not only does the delivery seem like an impossible job but even the duration of pregnancy that every mother has to go through can seem overwhelming enough to cause the person to rethink their decision. Given the conditions and trepidations that are inevitable, one can’t blame the mother for having cold feet about getting pregnant. Of course, there are post-partum stresses to worry about too. But what exactly is someone to expect during a pregnancy? People have often raised questions about the pain and the side effects of pregnancy that should be known.

Pregnancy Threatening Conditions You Should Worry About

Although pregnancy is considered to be a natural phenomenon, it can just as easily be affected by environmental conditions. Pregnancy is a delicate situation that can face all sorts of complications and in the worst-case scenarios, not only does the child face serious danger but the mother is also subjected to critical circumstances.

Early Contractions

Early contractions usually in the third trimester of your pregnancy can be signs of trouble that you should instantly bring to the attention of your doctor. Signs of trouble can arise and alert you throughout your trimesters and you shouldn’t take any symptom lightly. You shouldn’t neglect anything but that doesn’t mean you should get on the phone with your doctor every time you feel something, although having at least 2 doctors on call can be a lot of help for you and your partner.

Things to Know Before Your First Pregnancy. Pregnant woman sitting on the floor of her living room holding her belly

Early Labor

Your water is not going to break until the very end of the pregnancy period. Keep in mind that sometimes pregnancy causes urinal blockage that can leak at times imitating the moments that the water breaks. But if you are still unsure, consult your doctor and have an ultrasound to see how far you are in your pregnancy.


Bleeding can mean a lot of things throughout the period of your pregnancy. Given the time of the bleeding, you can tell if the pregnancy is facing any problem. Keep in mind that severe bleeding followed by abdominal pain in your early first trimester, you should get yourself checked because the chances of a miscarriage are very likely. Simply stating, when you’re pregnant, you should be very cautious about your bleeding. It’s always serious.

Nausea and Vomit

Getting nauseous during pregnancy is normal but if you get nauseous to the point that you can’t eat or drink anything, you’re nearing the point of danger for yourself and the child due to dehydration. Vomiting is always to be consulted with your health care provider because its causes vary. Sometimes, based on your trimester period, it can be normal while sometimes it can be dangerous. Therefore, have a doctor you can check with.

Things to Know Before Your First Pregnancy. Pregnant young woman sitting on bed and feeling sick

Baby Kicking Routines

Your baby’s activity obviously varies and can’t be determined using general standards but it is a great way to tell if your baby is doing okay. Normally, people are told by doctors to keep a track of the number of times your baby kicks in each hour and every time you face a decline in the numbers, you can consult your doctor to see if things are okay. Just drink something cold and lie on your side to get your baby to start kicking.


You can have ultrasounds and tests that work like android spy apps keeping track of everything going on with your body. You should consult your doctor regularly and take care of yourself, as you are the main source of nutrition for the baby and if you’re not healthy, the baby will surely not be.

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