Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child

Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child. toddler-sleeping

Deciding which mattress to buy for your child is an important decision to make. A quality mattress can improve comfort and sleep quality as much a bad mattress can damage them.

Depending on the age of your child, there are different options available to you. In this article, we will talk about which elements of mattress you should consider, how each of them benefit your child, and how to spot the best when you are looking for it.

What to Consider in a Mattress

Generally speaking, buying a mattress for your child is quite similar to buying a mattress for yourself. We are all human beings and thus have similar needs, and children are not as different from us as we often imagine them to be.

Some things in which they differ in, however, are the tendency to grow quite a bit, increased sensitivity, and the likelihood of making messes.

We will now take a category-by-category look at what to think about when choosing the perfect mattress for your little one.

Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child. baby-sleep


All things considered, you want to buy a mattress that will not be too big for your child but still be able to accommodate several years’ worth of growth. A twin XL mattress strikes this balance perfectly and is great for accommodating more children if you are looking to save space. It is similar to a normal twin mattress but more apt in handling adolescent growth spurts and should last you at least a decade.

If, however, you do not mind buying a full-sized bed and mattress for your child and can afford it, then this is perhaps the best option. It will accommodate your child well into adulthood (if you plan on letting them stay in your house that long).


Mattresses come in extra firm, firm, plush, and extra plush. The choice of this comes down largely to personal preference. Plush mattresses generally appeal more to stomach sleepers, while firmer mattresses tend to attract the side and back sleepers.

For children, it is important to consider each individual child’s needs. That said, toddlers and younger children are generally better suited by firmer mattresses because of the way their bone structure evolves with growth.

Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child. a sleeping boy

Support Type

A large part of any mattress’ comfort is determined by its support type. Generally, you will want to gravitate towards innerspring pocket coils and memory foam mattresses.

In mattresses with innerspring pocket coils, each of the springs works independently which greatly helps with motion transfer. They are great for children because the child’s weight is not enough to damage the coils and thus makes it last longer.

Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of the body and are often made from the hypoallergenic material. Some also feature gel infusions which help keep your child cool at night (very important for a good night’s sleep)


Children with allergies tend to be sensitive to synthetic materials. Even not taking this into account, you are probably better off getting a mattress made of natural materials. Look for mattresses made of cotton, silk, natural latex, organic wool, or even bamboo.

Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child. mattress


Children can behave quite chaotically. They often cause damage to themselves and their environment by accident. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to choose a mattress which can take a bit of abuse and still live. Mattress protectors are also a good idea as children are prone to spilling, staining, and the younger ones to bedwetting.


For children platform beds work quite well. They are less expensive than using a box spring. However, if you are using a traditional bed, then you will need to purchase a box spring. Most high-quality mattresses come with their own box springs. If you need to buy one separately, choose a box spring which is a similar (or, ideally, same) size to your mattress so that it fits neatly.

Things to Know for Picking the Perfect Mattress for Your Child. baby sleeping in a crib


Last but not least, is the mobility. If this is for a normal daily bed, all the above are enough. But if what you need is something more convenient to support your child during those mid-day naps, play area, camp out, or travelling, then you might want to consider a foldable mattress. These carry all the comfortability and support of any regular mattress with extra versatility. Invested in a good folding mattress and you won’t have to worry about your child being sleepless on-the-go anymore.


So there you go. You now have the information to make a wiser decision relating to buying a mattress for your little one. If you follow these guidelines then you can be sure that your child will get a comfortable night’s sleep. Deciding which mattress to buy for your child is not a difficult decision, but it is an important one. We hope that this article will help you with making it.

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