Tips To Buy Best Baby Strollers and Prams on Budget


Gone are those days where your hands would have to bear all the aches and pains of lifting your little one in your hands and roam about either in the parks or at malls. Modern amenities have made life easier than the before. With the help of a baby carriage you can put your life back on track.

Questions to ponder upon before purchase of a stroller or a pram:

  • Do you have a storage place to store it when not in use? Do you wish to buy a normal range stroller / pram that can be used for one kid and buy another one when your family grows or do you wish to buy an expensive heavy duty stroller that can be used for other kids? Where do you plan to use it?
  • Answers to these questions will enable you to find a stroller that suits your lifestyle and is easy on your pockets.

What to look for while buying strollers:

  • Safety: Watch out whether frames of the stroller are locked firmly to avoid any kind of mishaps. Go for strollers that have the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification to ensure it meets current safety standards.
  • Harnesses: Ensure that the restraint system has a 5 point harness that wraps around the waist, between the legs and comes down over the shoulder. Check for a buckle that is easy to unhook yet is competent enough to keep your child safe and secured.strollers - stroller for a newborn and a child
  • Adjustable seat: New-born do not have head control until they are six months so make sure you opt for adjustable seats to make your little one comfortable.
  • Mobility: The pusher should be able to push the stroller in a straight line and turn it with one hand.
  • Brakes: They should be easy to operate whether you wear a closed shoe or an open toed shoe. The wheels should get locked at once when you engage the break.
  • Height of the handle bar: The handle bar should be at the pusher’s waist level. If you feel that the height of the handle is not the same you want you can opt for adjustable handles or higher handles. You can also purchase stroller handle extenders.
  • Sunshade: An adjustable sunshade will protect your little one from sunlight, rain and wind thereby making rides more comfortable for him. Opt for sunshades with UV protection that are best for sunny walks.
  • Storage: Look for storage baskets in the strollers that will help you store necessary baby things such as diapers, snacks etc.
  • Washable fabric: Wherever you take your baby; be prepared for the messes it will make. Hence opting for a washable fabric will make clean up simpler and easier.strollers - walking outside with a newborn

Cost of strollers:

The rate of simple stroller is $70 while high-end models begin from $400 and go up to $1,400. The price for car seat stroller frames is between $60 to $150. Umbrella strollers are available anywhere in the range from $20to $ 500.The rate for jogging strollers is $200 to $ 500 and even more. Double stroller rates varies from of $ 250 to $ 900. Shopping for babies can become expensive, but VoucherBin is a place that offers amazing voucher codes that helps you save instantly. You can purchase a pram or stroller for your bundle of joy and nab up to great discounts.

Hope the above tips will help you look for strollers and prams that suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

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