Tips for Dressing a Stylish Baby Girl

dressing a stylish baby

Having a baby is exciting, for a lot of reasons. Of course, one of those reasons is shopping for the adorable tiny clothing that you’ll dress your new baby in. It’s exciting for the parents and it’s exciting for friends and family, too. So, whether you are shopping for an expectant mother or you are the expectant mother, we have some tips for you on how best to dress a stylish baby girl.

header 1 Keep It Casual

You don’t always dress to the nines, so why should your baby? If you’re looking for a casual look without trying to force a baby into a frilly number, then embrace the casual look. A cute pair of leggings with a pullover sweater and headband is adorable and stylish without much effort. Your baby girl will be comfortable to explore and play, and you don’t need to worry about an outfit getting ruined.

header 2 Go Matching

Yes, you’ve seen daddy and son matching outfits, right? Same color shorts, same shirt, and shoes… it’s adorable. Moms can do that, too. It’s not that difficult to find similar clothing – a simple pair of jeans, a cute little t-shirt, and the matching is done. It’s easy. Of course, if your baby doesn’t have much hair yet then you’ll need to improvise with hair accessories. Either way, you’re going to be cute enough to plaster on Instagram.

header 3 Headbands

They’re fun, okay. They are easy to choose accessories with, too. Especially if again, your baby doesn’t have much hair yet. You’d be surprised at what you can do with various headbands. It’s a chance to pull the outfit together and protect your baby’s head from the sun while you’re at it. It’s a win-win.dressing a stylish baby girl - headband

header 4 Always Think Outside the Box

Just because an item of clothing is being sold as one thing doesn’t mean you can’t use it as something else. For example, a larger t-shirt might work really well as a dress, especially when you add in tights and a cute pair of shoes. Don’t get too caught up in what section you shop in either. You might find the perfect sweat in the boy’s section, your daughter can wear it. This is 2018, embrace the style you want! Besides, not everyone wants to dress their little girl up in all pink and all ruffles all of the time. We all have our own style and sense of fashion and if the clothes you’re coming across aren’t matching your needs then it’s up to you to find the section that does.

header 5 Body Type

We each have our own body types, well so do babies! Some have short, chunky legs while others have endless, skinny legs. Play to their strengths. Not only will it makes it easier to dress them, but it will improve their style, too. So, if your daughter falls into the latter category avoid buying pants and instead choose leggings or tights.

header 6 Patterned

Once upon a time, there was no greater fashion sin than mixing and matching patterns. Remember when someone wore checks and polka dots together and no one spoke to them ever again (dramatic, right?)? Well, those days are gone. Now, you can tastefully mix and match patterns without worrying about the fashion police. So, don’t be afraid to do the same with your daughter’s wardrobe.dressing a stylish baby - mismatched patterns

header 7 Buy Bigger

Kids grow like weeds, so don’t be afraid to buy a size or two too big. You can make it work, especially when they’re tagged as slim fit. A slim tank top can easily work as a little dress until she grows into it. When buying jeans go for an elasticated waist and cuff them until she grows into them. You never know, she might be able to pull off wearing them as shorts eventually! Classic.

header 8 Accessories

Do you accessorize your outfits? Of course, you do, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your little one? There’s belts, hats, headbands, socks, and more. There are tons of different ways you can use accessories to transform an outfit. Just imagine a little belt around that long tank top you’re using as a dress (and if you struggle to find a belt, use a headband in place of it). CUTE!

header 9 Inspired By You

Yes, you. Why don’t you take a long look at your own wardrobe and use it as a source of inspiration for building your daughter’s wardrobe? There are plenty of shops these days that offer baby clothes that are essentially mini versions of what adults are wearing. So, don’t be afraid to embrace it.dressing a stylish baby - like an adult

header 10 Break the Rules

You can experiment more with kid’s outfits than you can with your own. Why? They always look adorable, right? You might not be a fan of overalls, but a baby in overalls? Well, that’s just too cute. So, just because you wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean you can’t dress baby in it. Remember that as you head to the shops for baby clothes.

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