Tips for Keeping Your Romance Alive After Your Baby is Born

Tips for Keeping Your Romance Alive After Your Baby is Born. romantic couple

As long as it was young love, you used to snuggle together, whisper sweet things into each other’s ear and this is the time when you don’t seem to get enough of his gaze, smell and the look in his eyes. Do you remember the last time you felt this way for your husband? If you’re one among the new moms who have just given birth to their little bundle of joy, it is natural that you’re busy directing all your emotional energy towards the new baby in the house. However in between the snuggling of your baby and the tiredness of handling him or her, you may have already begun to view your partner as the platonic friend who just tends to share your bed. Sex and romance will fall away amidst the endless list of things that you have to finish in a day. If this has happened, you may want to look into marriage counseling. No, your marriage likely isn’t one day away from ending. However, this is oftentimes how it starts.

For starters, you can find marital counseling choices here. But, for those of you who are DIY type of people, there are several ways in which to rectify this issue. You can sneak out time for your husband or partner if you want to. Let’s check out few such ways to keep alive your romance even after becoming a parent.

Tips for Keeping Your Romance Alive After Your Baby is Born. a romantic couple

 Plan a date and try your best to stick to it

There is a high likelihood that you had busy schedules before your baby came into your life. But now that you’re taking turns to clean, feed, change diapers and take care of your little one, you often compromise on the time spent with each other. Hence, plan a date and stick to it as much as possible. In between feedings and when your babysitter is there, you can sneak out for a coffee date. Later on, you can even plan and go out for dinner dates!

 Show affection just because you love him

Do you remember the days when you used to call each other simply to say ‘hi’? Don’t lie; of course you do. You want to go back to that, right? Well, this shouldn’t stop now that you have become parents. You can also experiment by doing loving things for your partner at least once a week. You could just leave a love note in the bathroom or hide a favorite treat in the pocket of your spouse.

Tips for Keeping Your Romance Alive After Your Baby is Born. a dancing couple

 Take a few minutes to connect with your partner

Once your baby is born, it’s easy that you will lose track of what is going on in the life of your partner when he is outside. All attention and conversation will revolve around your kids. This is the time when you have to take out 5 minutes to speak about other things in life. Call for undivided attention during these times.

Therefore, if you’re a new mom and you’re trying hard to keep the romance alive with your partner, take into account the above listed steps to help better your marriage. If you’re not willing to do this yourself and put in the effort alone, then remember to look into marriage counseling.

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