Tips for Traveling with Big Kids

traveling with big kids

The summer is upon us again, and travel is the first thing on many peoples’ minds. However, if you’re a parent, the excitement of the summer vacation can easily be spoiled by worries about traveling with your child.

Traveling with kids is never a picnic. Those cries of “are we nearly there yet” which begin five minutes after reversing off your driveway, the constant bickering between siblings throughout the journey and the whining and complaining during a long flight can put parents off taking their kids on vacation at all.

Nevertheless, travel is one of the best experiences for any family as long as you plan ahead. Traveling with children is always something that needs careful forethought, and if you have larger than average children it takes even more careful planning.

Staying Safe While Traveling

Keeping your children safe when you’re traveling is always paramount, however if you have a larger than average baby or an older child, you need to make sure that whether you’re traveling by airplane or by car that your not-so-little one is well protected. With this in mind, here are our top tips for traveling with big kids so that you can be well prepared for this year’s adventures.

Traveling By Car

traveling with big kids - three kids in a carIf you’re hitting the road on your annual vacation, you need to ensure that your big kid has a car seat that suits their height and weight. It can be challenging to find a suitable restraint for heavy or tall children, however the good news is that many manufacturers of car seats today have made seats which fit children who are taller or heavier than average. There are both forward-facing and rear-facing seats available as well as booster seats which can ensure that the seat belt is in the right position for safety. When traveling in the car with a bigger child, it’s important to remember that infants under the age of two should sit in a rear-facing seat, however once they have outgrown that type of seat they still need a forward-facing seat for as long as they can fit in one. After that, a booster seat is essential until the seat belt can fit properly. There are several convertible seats available that have a weight limit for rear-facing use of up to 50lbs as well as forward-facing seats that can accommodate children weighing up to 90lbs. Booster seats are also on the market which have a weight limit as high as 125 lbs so you can keep your child safe in the car.

Traveling By Airplane

Flying with children is a challenge at the best of times, however if your toddler or baby is larger than average you might need to think ahead. While most airlines allow children under the age of two to sit on your lap during the flight, saving you the expense of paying for a seat for them, this may not be the best or safest option for either of you. When you have a bigger child, you’re going to have to endure a very uncomfortable flight if they’re sitting on your knee for hours on end, and the infant seat belt provided may not fit properly. You might want to think about biting the bullet and booking a seat for your bigger toddler so that they can ride in their approved car seat during the flight. Both you and your child will be more comfortable and you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll be safe too.traveling with big kids - in the airport

Choosing A Stroller

When you’re traveling with your family, you need to get out and about to explore the local area. If you have a larger than average child finding the right stroller to meet their needs isn’t as easy as it may seem. The good news is that there are several strollers on the market today which are wider than average and so are much safer and more comfortable for big kids to ride in. You can get details from Wife Knows about the best types of strollers out there to meet your requirements.

Follow these top tips for traveling with big kids and you’re sure to have a fantastic vacation. Happy travels!

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