Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier

Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier. a family drinking water

Water is called life for a reason, 80 per cent of the human body is made of water. Moreover, water plays a crucial role in various biochemical processes. Thus supplying the body with enough amount of water is crucial for your fitness. The quality of water also has a key role in maintaining your health. With increasing chemical and biological pollution, the chances of getting potable water through taps have really become difficult. As a solution, many people rely on water purifiers to improve the quality of water.

The best water purifier is the one who removes all the physical, chemical and biological contamination from the water. There are various types of filtration technologies available, however, the widely used two technologies are as follows:

RO Purifiers:

Reverse Osmosis has widely used membrane technology that purifies water on basis of a size of the impurities. RO system is made of a semipermeable membrane made of fine pores to retain dust, germs and other solids by allowing water to pass.

UV Purifiers

This technology takes help of ultraviolet light to kill biological agents like viruses, fungi and bacteria. The mercury lamp fitted in the purifier emits waves of UV that destroy 99.99% of germs present in the water.

Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier. a water purifier

Although both technologies can handle contamination efficiently, they have their own limitation. RO cannot retain viruses due to their smaller size, however alone UV purifier cannot remove dust and suspended solids. Thus, the best purifier is the one that combines both of them, RO UV water purifiers. Generally, a water purifier is fitted with 3 to 5 filtration stages.

  • Pre-filtering stage: Made of a filter cartridge to remove visible dirt and protect the RO membrane from damage.
  • Carbon Filter stage: It is responsible for the removal of chlorine and odour.
  • RO Stage: Which removes biological agents from water.

Your water purifiers safeguard you from many hazards who try to enter your body through water. However, it is a machine and every machine needs maintenance. Here are tips to maintain your water purifier.

Replace water filter

Water filters, especially RO purifier, have a limited lifetime. After a particular time, they get clogged and do not work water efficiently. In order to avoid this, you should change the filters regularly.

Cleaning the purifiers

Sanitising the purifiers is critical to clear bacterial build-up. You can ask your service provider for it or there are sanitization kits if you want to do it on your own.

Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier. water purifier

Installing water softeners

Hard waters are the biggest enemies for filters as their high mineral content decrease the efficiency of purifiers. Water softeners reduce a load of minerals from water and thus, increase the durability of water purifiers.

Paying attention to leakages

The sites of leakages provide passage to air bacteria inside purifiers. Moreover, leakages are the sign of malfunctioning in the purification system. Thus, in case your purifier is leaking, contact your service provider.

Take care of your water purifiers and let them take care of you.

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