How to Fill Your Toddler’s Calendar with Healthy Activities

toddler's calendar

You do not need someone to overemphasize the need of having a healthy calendar for your toddler. It is always fun to be part of his activities as he grows. This is because it gives you an opportunity to bond as you teach him some invaluable life aspects. Thankfully, there are numerous alternatives at your disposal. You will only need to choose the one that fits him better. Also, consider differentiating activities into indoor and outdoor to strike a balance. Such engagements play a crucial role in influencing the mental and physical development of children.

Explore Some Outdoor Activities

Once your baby is two years old, you need to commence more activities outdoors. While at it, avoid getting monotonous and include both structured and unstructured activities. Ascertain that you always generate interest in them so that they do not get bored. To achieve your goals, mark the important events on a timetable for them to observe.

Swimming at the Beach

Your precious toddler needs to experience beach events while they are still young. At this age, you need to enhance their water safety by getting them one the best baby floaties which are available in a variety of shapes and prices. They make your baby enjoy more their time during summer. Also, as a parent-child activity, you can teach your toddler how to swim. In time, he can get rid of the floatie and learn to swim on his own.toddler's calendar - baby floaties

Fly a Kite

Fly kites from an open field. You do not have to be the best kite flier, what matters here is your time spent together. Allow your baby to showcase his prowess in kite flying even though they have not done it before. Celebrate the moment and help build their confidence, as it is an incredible thing for their self-esteem. Try to do this as often as possible if you see that it is the kind of activity they enjoy most doing.

Do Bike Trails

First of all, of course, you will need have to find the ideal bike for them. Kids enjoy riding with mommy and daddy. You can also find an open field and make the ride competitive. This way, your will help your baby develop physically and gain a positive spirit. All you need to do is make sure they have their helmets on and that the “race” will take place in a safe environment.toddler's calendar - a toddler on a bike

Concentrate on a Toddler’s Growth Schedule

As you watch your children grow, you must observe and prepare them for the next step. Keeping the baby busy helps them become more alert and assertive. At the same time, their decision-making is significantly influenced by the times they are confronted with situations that require taking informed decisions. When your toddler is between 12 and 18 months old, it might be better for you to confine them indoors and find something creative to keep them engaged. During this phase, you should fill you toddler’s calendar with activities such as ballgames and identifying animals from photo charts. This way, you will be engaging his thinking as well as delight him.

Raising a toddler calls for wisdom and sacrifice. Even if you have a tight schedule, you are still expected to fill you toddler’s calendar. Engaging them in a broad range of activities helps you get to know their personalities and strengths. Every baby has their strong areas, and the earlier you discover them, the better. It feels good as a parent when you help your toddler to develop their talents and abilities. Bonding with your toddler is worth every while, so make sure to fill his calendar appropriately.

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