Top 10 Children’s Charities That You Can Donate To

Charitable acts seem to grow in popularity all over the world. People can offer their time, money and resources to charities handling various causes. But as all mothers out there, you most probably want to know that your charity time and money goes to children that really need those. You can offer to charities monetary donations, volunteer to help them reach their goals, but mothers can also choose to donate older clothing articles and toys to charities targeted at children in need. Once your child outgrows those, as long as they are in decent shape, they can be successfully donated to children that will surely appreciate such acts.

Children’s charities do not discriminate to the type of children’s gift or help received. However, as a mother, you want to make sure that your acts of kindness go where they are really needed. Below is a list of 10 of the most impactful children’s charities that parents can choose to donate to.

 The Lunchbox Fund

The Lunchbox Fund’s primary mission is teaching South-African children about proper dietary habits and offering them healthy and nutritious meals at the same time. Children usually receive nutritionally valuable meals which allow school-aged children to focus on the important aspects of their daily lives. The food supply in South Africa is usually limited and going to bed on an empty stomach is a frequent occurrence for South African children. This enables small children to focus on their schoolwork and contribute to a better future for themselves. The charity also focuses on female-empowerment in local communities as they actively contribute to preparing and serving children’s meals.

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 Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need is a charity that focuses on providing clothing for the tiniest babies in premature wards. Preemie mothers usually struggle to find affordable clothing that fits their babies. Newborns in Need is a charity that offers blankets and clothing, including small beanies to the smallest of the newborns. Those who want to help the charity can make this through donations, including clothing donations, as long as the donated articles fit the minuscule dimensions of preemies. You can cut a little of the expenses involved by donating baby supplies by using the discounts available at various B-Corps, like Giving Assistant. Also the cash back money you make can be used for sending donations straight to the charity!

 SOS Children’s Villages

The SOS Children’s Villages is a charity that aims to offer housing solutions and assistance to orphaned children. The charity is active in 131, including the US, and until recently it succeeded to offer a warm house and bed to more than 52,000 orphaned children. Each village consists of ten members, two adults and eight children and aims to offer everybody the feel of a community. Of course, all Children’s Villages need help to carry on their mission.

Top 10 Children's Charities That You Can Donate To. sos-childrens-villages

 I Have a Dream Foundation

The I Have a Dream Foundation was first established in 1981 by the businessman Gene Lang. The businessman promised the elementary school students of the school he attended in his childhood that if they finished high school, he will pay for their college tuition. Since then, the initiative was replicated in 64 US cities and the I Have a Dream Project was established. The Foundation offers individualized social, emotional and academic support to young individuals from low-income communities who aspire to a bright career.

5 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation focuses on raising fund for childhood cancer research and empowering children to make a difference. The foundation was established in 2000, when Alex Scott, a 4-year-old cancer patient created a lemonade stand to help find a cure for children’s cancer. Although sadly, Alex lost the battle with cancer in 2004, the project grew and continues to this day. The foundation offered more than 500 grants for cancer research, to more than 100 research organizations.

6 Shoes That Fit

Shoes that Fit is a charitable organization that focuses on offering children appropriate footwear to attend school and play. It aims to offer children from low-income communities appropriate footwear and with that, their dignity. Mothers can easily help the charity through monetary donations. Alternatively, the charity encourages everybody to replicate the program in their small communities.

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7 No Kid Hungry

The charity’s mission is to end childhood hunger across the US. The No Kid Hungry charity aims to offer nutritious meals to all American children that come from less fortunate backgrounds; all this, without the stigma that usually comes with arriving early at school for a cafeteria breakfast. In this particular program, all breakfast is delivered in the classroom, making the less fortunate children feel included. For every $1 donated, the charity will offer as much as 10 fresh and nutritious meals to children.

8 Our Military Kids

Our Military Children is a charity that aims to offer grants for fine arts, sports and tutoring solutions to children of deployed or severely injured National Guard and Military Reserve members. Recently, the charity grew in forces and succeeded to offer 3,000 grants and more than $1.2 million to children of the US military men and women. To help children of the military staff, you can use the charity’s official website.

Top 10 Children's Charities That You Can Donate To. Marine-and-child


KaBOOM! is a charity that wants to offer active play opportunities for children in poor communities and not only. The charity focuses on building playgrounds across the entire US and since 1996, it successfully managed to build more than 2,700 playgrounds, bringing back those communities their pride and joy.

 Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World is an NGO that focuses on offering humanitarian aid in war zone hot spots. All war zones are affected by a decreasing standard in healthcare and children are generally the most affected victims. DoW offers medical and humanitarian assistance in more than 20 countries around the globe. The charity also offers prenatal care for pregnant women and militates for children’s rights in critical areas of the world.

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