Top 10 Reasons for Parents: Why Wooden Children’s Toys are Safe and Best?

Wooden children’s toys are timeless. From rocking horses to building blocks, miniature trains, doll houses, and much more, young children have enjoyed these toys for centuries.

These days, parents are highly conscious of the amount of screen time they expose their kids to. Ironically, the classic wooden toy has recently emerged as a popular alternative to iPads, consoles, and TV.

So, why are so many returning to the classics? Let’s explore 10 reasons right now.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wooden Children’s Toys


In the world of mass-produced toys and devices, wooden children’s toys have an innate level of longevity. As wood is naturally robust and sturdy, wooden toys take on the same level of durability. This sense of permanence has become increasingly rare over recent years.

Due to this excellent level of durability, your treasured wooden toys can be passed on from generation to generation. Plastic toys, in contrast, tend to wear down quicker and lose their value. Effectively, toys constructed from wood are less disposable than their plastic equivalents.


Timeless Look and Feel

Quality wooden toys come with a smooth finish and feel like no other on the market. This smooth surface is particularly great for handheld toys. Due to the way in which these products are constructed, you won’t have to worry about encountering splinters or anything of the like.

Wooden children’s toys are typically refined and polished before they hit the shelves. As a result, they retain a timeless look that pairs perfectly with shelves, bookcases, tables, and timber display cases.


In terms of safety, timber toys are an excellent option. First, wooden products are free from many of the chemicals typically associated with plastic toys (such as BPA and PVC). This is particularly important for babies and toddlers who tend to put toys in their mouths.

The second safety benefit centres on the issue of choking hazards. As wooden toys don’t come with miniature parts, their level of risk is significantly lower. Many wooden play items are also large enough to essentially remove the issue of choking completely.

Endless Options

There are an endless number of wooden toys available online. Like all goods and services based industries, toy sellers have continued to embrace the world of online sales, shipping and delivery. Overall, this has made finding and acquiring wooden toys easier than ever.


Wooden children’s toys come in a wide variety of styles, forms, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, they perfectly complement timber flooring, walls, and furniture.

The Eco-Friendly Alternative

The detrimental effects of plastic products are well documented. For instance, plastic bags are no longer acceptable for Australian supermarket packaging. In stark contrast to plastics and textiles, good quality wooden toys feature renewable and sustainable materials.

Switching to timber toys may seem like a small gesture in the grand scheme. However, anywhere we can embrace sustainability all contributes to a greener future for all. The important factor here is to check whether the toy supplier sells ethically sound items before you buy.

Educational Opportunities

Toys are not only made for recreation. Many play items can also serve vital educational purposes, allowing your little one to expand their mind and acquire valuable skills at an early age. In this instance, the great news is that kids use these toys independently and spark their imagination throughout.

As they tend to hold up well over time, the same educational toys are easily passed down to younger brothers, sisters, and cousins – ultimately making the initial price tag well worth it.


Wooden children’s toys are typically associated with a higher price tag, and we would be remised to acknowledge this aspect. However, despite this initial price point, value is ultimately found across a variety of areas.

In terms of durability, style, and longevity, wooden toys are hard to match. This is why timber toys manufactured hundreds of years ago still stand the test of time today. If price is a serious concern, there are many discount providers that sell high-quality wooden toys for more affordable prices.


Wooden toys remain both popular and widespread across the globe. In fact, regions such as Scandinavia are famous exporters of smaller timber play toys. One of the reasons why they remain in high circulation is that they never go out of style. Understated and simple, toys made from timber have their own unique and minimalist design.

Stylistically, timber has a natural quality that is hard to match. This is seen everywhere from furniture to flooring and utensils, to name a few. Wooden children’s toys are no different. Both young children and parents can appreciate their stylistic quality for years to come.


Adaptability and Function

Aside from the likes of Lego, textile and plastic toys are generally tough to mould, alter or reshape. On the other end of the spectrum, wooden children’s toys can be transformed and take on a new life. This may be achieved by reshaping the timber – if you happen to have a handyman around the house that is.

Wooden toys also make for a great open canvas. Kids can both have fun and explore their creative side by painting over natural timber shades and adding fresh new colours of their choice. Painting toys and figures is an excellent opportunity for bonding between parents and siblings.

Encouraging Imagination and Play

Toys have always shared an intrinsic link to our imagination and creativity. Before smart phones and handheld tablets came to dominate, plastic and wooden toys were a kid’s ticket to new worlds and endless hours of fun.

If you are looking for a simple and traditional form of fun, wooden toys are an excellent choice. Purchasing a timeless piece of timber will encourage your child’s imagination and keep their attention away from screens and devices.

Explore Online

These days, the easiest place to find wooden toys is online. Whether you are buying for your own kids, relatives, or your friend’s children, simply browse online outlets and find everything in one place.