Top Baby Dolls for Girls in 2019

Top Baby Dolls for Girls in 2019. a girl playing with a doll

Baby dolls are a toy which young girls have always loved to play with, so they are a great choice of gift which offers many years of fun. From around one year of age little girls gravitate towards baby dolls, which soon become companions. They form close emotional attachments to their baby dolly, finding comfort and hours of free play possibilities simply by holding, rocking, and dressing it.

Fashions and trends for baby dolls may come and go, but there are always plenty of them in the stores, and here we look at some of the best baby dolls for girls around in 2019.

Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Louise Toy Baby Doll

Baby doll Louise is a pretty traditional toy, has skin scented with vanilla for that lovely new baby smell, and being 14 inches long and just under two pounds in weight she offers girls aged  2+ a fairly realistic experience of caring for a real baby. Her clothes can be removed for many hours of dress up play.

Top Baby Dolls for Girls in 2019. Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Louise Toy Baby Doll

Cabbage Patch Newborn Baby Doll Girl

This 9-inch long baby doll if a fantastic first doll for little girls who are at least 12 months old. She comes with her own swaddle blanket, an adoption certificate, and a thumb which she can suck when some soothing is in order.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

With darker skin and lots of dark, curly hair this little treasure is one of the more realistic baby dolls around. Designed for children aged 3 and over she can take a bottle, then pee in a potty and get a reward stiker– great for that transition time from diapers to the grown-up toilet. Baby alive can also speak both English and Spanish, and has a vocabulary of over 50 phrases which will delight her young carers.

Top Baby Dolls for Girls in 2019. baby dolls

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll Girl

Little girls love to feed their baby doll, and this one comes with special dolly food which goes don a treat, followed by some water from her bottle. In no time at all Sweet Spoonfuls will pee and poop in her diaper, just like a real baby would. Children can also comb and style her hair and dress and undress her as they like.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Twins – Luke & Lucy

What’s even better than one baby doll? It has to be two of them! Luke & his sister Lucy are both 15 inches long and come with pacifiers, caps and romper suits. They are perfect for children aged over 18 months. Their eyes can open and shut, just like a real baby, and any young girl will love to have two baby toys over one.

Top Baby Dolls for Girls in 2019. Melissa & Doug Mine To Love Twins – Luke & Lucy

There is always a huge range of baby dolls for girls in the stores because they appeal to all age groups – from the year-old baby through to elementary school student. With such a wide range of products to offer it is important to make the right choices if you want your child or children to get the most fun and use out of them as possible.

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