Top Healthcare Apps That All Parents Should Know About

Top healthcare apps that all parents should know about. mobile health

We feel happy and joyful when our kids are healthy, playful and smiling. But be it a father or a mother, everyone gets worried and tense when the child is sick and not well. Sometimes even kids get bad injuries while playing and we have to spend time and money equally taking them to and fro to the doctors. Not just that, with our busy schedule parents, don’t want to wait for the doctor’s appointment at clinics or hospitals.

90 percent of the times, parents don’t know for sure how exactly to help the child. Thanks to the digital technologies, now there are mobile apps in the market that help us reduce our anxiety and get quick treatment for the child. By furnishing the medical information for parents at the press of a button, apps can make it easy for parents to look after minor incidences or health issues. Due to this various Healthcare application development companies are demand now.

Have you also encountered this parenting worries and situations? How many times did you get an immediate treatment for your child? Well, here’s a list of the top healthcare apps that can reduce this state of emotional strain.

Child Health Tracker:

The app Child Health Tracker is created by Healthy Children which is a branch of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is an excellent app. This app is very easy to use because it stores all the medical information for your child in its database along with the list of healthcare providers and medication tracker.  It also allows you to add any special conditions, health concerns etc. if you have for your child.

It also keeps updating parents about immunization, upcoming doctor visits and other such information directly from the AAP.

Top healthcare apps that all parents should know about. a woman looking at her phone

Doctor on Demand:

Have you wondered if you could see your child’s doctor with the touch of a button? Doctor On Demand is an app which gives immediate and affordable access to a certified doctor, wherever and whenever you need. On Doctor on Demand, people with or without insurance can also connect to best-qualified doctors at a reasonable price.

Parents can download the app and video visit the doctor. The first visit is free, after which a charge of $40 is applied.

First Aid – American Red Cross:

Accidents can happen, emergencies can come anytime. The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts the expert advice of a doctor for everyday emergencies at your fingertips. With this app, you can be prepared for anything that life throws at you. With the help of videos, interactive questionnaire and simple stepwise advice, it is easy as ABC to understand first aid.

The app also has the support for 9-1-1 so that you can call EMS from the app itself in case of emergency.

Top healthcare apps that all parents should know about. American Red Cross First Aid app

Kids Doc:

Kids Doc is an alternative app acknowledged by the AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics. This app helps parents to understand how to cure their sick child. Rather than thinking about whether to take the child to the doctor, you can check the symptoms for yourself and read the recommended treatment in the app.

The care guide aids you to make right decisions on what kind of care is needed and how to provide fast symptom relief for small illness or injury, thus, helping you to manage on your own. This guide is created from the clinical procedures followed by renowned pediatricians and nurses in the US and Canada. These guides were tested for 16 years on beyond 150 million symptoms.

WebMD Baby:

WebMD Baby is a must app for parents who have babies. Along with the baby following tools, it includes dozens of hand-selected medical recommendations from pediatricians and experts. More than 1.7 million people are using this app to monitor the development of their babies and get advice from trusted pediatricians. In this free app, you have all the essential means to raise your newborn baby.

Bottle-feeding, solid-food monitoring, recording and supervising the feeds, nursing sessions is one of the best functionalities of this app. It also has a sleep tracker to record your baby’s sleep, the time, location like a stroller, crib, car seat etc. It also aids you to record the height, weight, circumference of the head of your baby as the baby grows, to help you monitor the growth of your baby.

Top healthcare apps that all parents should know about. baby-safe-apps

Take Away:

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and grow well but some illnesses or accidents can’t be avoided, hence by using these recommended apps, you can help your child. You can give them first aid, you can monitor their growth, you can take care of an illness looking at the symptoms, you can even have a video discussion with the pediatrician of your choice.

Technology has given us the tools that can help us to overcome small or even big emergency situations. I hope these apps will help you in taking care of your children.

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