Toxemia of Pregnancy: Mothers-to-be and Morning Sickness

Toxemia of pregnancy is a very common and widespread state among pregnant women accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It appears due to the toxin and other chemicals poisoning, that appear in the body when the fetus is developing.

It can also cause multiple symptoms to show themselves, the most regular are the nervous system, cardiovascular and metabolism disorders. As long as the toxemia will continue, as long the symptoms will take place.

When does the Toxemia of Pregnancy Appear?

Many women try to define whether they are pregnant or not and they start to notice every change off and in their bodies. But many of these women know when to expect toxemia. The doctors indicate the following timeframe:

  • Early toxemia of pregnancy can appear during the first days of delayed periods or during the 5-6th week of pregnancy. It ends by the 13-14th week but sometimes even earlier, depending on your body.
  • Late toxemia of pregnancy appears during the last trimester of pregnancy, sometimes right in the middle of the second trimester, which is more dangerous for the fetus and the mother.

What Causes Toxemia?

Changes in Hormonal System


Since the first hours of the impregnation, the women’s body undergoes fundamental changes in hormonal levels. The composition of hormones is changing rapidly, affecting the behavior, health, and the way the pregnant feels. These changes make women short-tempered, sensitive, and weepy. They start to vomit, to feel multiple smells. During the first months, the body treats an embryo as an alien thing and it tries to get rid of it altering the health of the future mom. In time, the hormone levels stabilize, and the toxemia disappears.

The Growth of the Placenta

It was proved that toxemia exhausts women’s bodies during the first trimester (for 13-14 weeks). When toxemia disappears, the placenta finishes its development. It takes many functions in “its own hands”. Until that time, the body itself protects itself from toxic waste by vomiting.

Defense Reaction

The refusal of many foods and late toxemia is the natural defense reactions. Pregnant women feel nausea when they smell smoke of cigarettes, coffee, fish, eat meat and eggs. These products contain pathogenic germs that can harm health. Nausea and vomiting protect the fetus and woman’s body from toxic elements. Aside from them, insulin is produced by the body after food intake, also affects the growth of the embryo in a bad way.

Chronic Infections and Diseases

Those that you haven’t treated completely – weaken the mommy’s immune system. You need to start taking the whole vitamins complex when you are only planning the baby.

Psychological Changes

Severe toxemia in the third trimester can be the consequence of a psychological and emotional state. Anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, irritation – these are the reasons for severe toxemia that leads to nausea and vomiting.


Pregnancy in your 40s is considered to be dangerous. Especially if it is your first conception or you had multiple abortions before. Toxemia can develop more severely. The scientists claim, that the younger the future mothers the easier it is for them to deal with toxemia. But every rule has its exceptions.


Heredity plays a significant part. There is a 70% chance that if someone from your relatives suffered from toxemia – this problem won’t pass you by.

Multiple Pregnancy

Of course, this is great news, but also more difficulties. The mothers with twins experience toxemia during the second trimester more often than women with monocarpic pregnancy.

Toxemia Symptoms

As soon as the baby is conceived, the body of the expectant mother starts to adjust its functions to work for the two: the mother itself and her baby. That is why at the beginning of the pregnancy the woman starts experiencing toxemia.

At first, the woman can notice unfounded irritation, increased salivation, appetite loss, nausea, weakness, sleepiness, changes in taste, vomiting, and weight loss. Very rarely dermatosis, asthma, osteomalacia (bone stock softening), and tetany (spasmodic display of skeletal muscles) may occur.

The symptoms of toxemia of pregnancy appear regardless of who you are expecting: a boy or a girl. Toxemia symptoms can also be observed before miscarriage – it can be identified by the absence of heartbeat and fetus movements.



Vomiting is one of the most common toxemia symptoms at every stage of pregnancy. Usually, women experience vomiting for 20 weeks, and the earlier it starts the harder it goes. There are a few stages of this symptom:

  • The urge to vomit appears not very often, up to 5 times a day after the food intake. The weight loss is insignificant – around 3 kilos. The general condition is at its normal.
  • Vomiting appears more often – up to 10 times a day, regardless of food intake. The loss of the weight – 3-4 kilos during the fortnight. The woman’s general condition worsens – the blood pressure lowers and the pulse goes very rapidly.
  • Continuous and frequent vomiting, up to 25 times a day. Such a fulminant process leads to fluid loss and rapid weight loss (more than 10 kilos). The body temperature is rising; the pulse goes very rapidly, the blood pressure lowers and the woman experiences bad breath and inhibited reactions. In some cases, there were kidney dysfunctions, and if the vomiting is continuous and starts to threaten mother’s life the doctors suggest terminating the pregnancy.

Skin Rash

Skin rash is the most unpleasant toxemia symptom. It appears during the 13th week of pregnancy as a rash scattered all over the body, sometimes even affecting genitals. It causes irritation, sleeping problems, and depression.

Tetany and Osteomalacia

Tetany and osteomalacia appear due to the disturbances in phosphorus and potassium exchange in the expectant mother’s body. Osteomalacia causes the bone stock to soften that is fraught with broken bones. Tetany causes cramps of upper limbs, very rarely of lower limbs and the face.

Toxemia Treatment

 There are lots of means to beat the toxemia of pregnancy, and some of them reduce the symptoms while others beat them completely. Keep in mind, that not all of the meds from toxemia are safe and effective.

  • Meds. Only valerian and some microelements are safe. But sometimes it is necessary to take some more serious pills to ensure the health of both, mother and child. The treatment with meds can include lots of them and your doctor will advise you what’s best.
  • Immunocytotherapy – a modern invasive method of treatment. The spouse’s lymphocytes are inserted into the pregnant woman’s forearm. The symptoms ease in 24 hours. This method demands a thorough examination. This treatment increases the chances of catching hepatitis and other infections.
  • Homeopathic treatment. This is the safest and the most effective method there is. Homeopathy enables to find individual meds that will help mother and child. There are no side-effects, and overdose is impossible. These meds don’t cause addiction.
  • This is the oldest known treatment and it really helps pregnant women. Thus, during the morning toxemia, you can pour the drops of mint ethereal oil into the handkerchief and place it near you. Repeat it for a few days and the result won’t elude you long.
Immunocyto therapy

You can pour a few drops of ginger oil on your palms, rub them together and sniff deeply. Steam inhalations reduce nausea. To prevent the toxemia of pregnancy, you can also rub the oil mix around your belly button – one drop of ginger oil and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Herbal therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, electric sleep, and similar methods are also of big help to some women.

Only the woman can know what method is able to ease the symptoms. If you stick to the following pieces of advice, you will be able to ease the activity of toxemia of pregnancy:

  • Before getting up from bed eat a little slice of bread or a cookie, or even better a dries fruit. Prepare mint tea; add a slice of lemon, a little bit of sugar to stabilize the blood sugar.
  • Suck the orange or lemon segment, sour fruits are perfect to ease nausea. But listen to your body – this may not be your remedy.
  • Drink only those drinks and juices that you feel comfortable with – herbal tea, cooled drinks, plain water, and vegetable broth.
  • Instead of drinks with food pigments, eat the fruits with lots of liquids – melon, watermelon, grape, and fig. Ice cream can help.
  • Eat steamed dishes instead of heavy, fried and spicy. Turn for help to the dairy products, fruits, raw vegetables.
  • Eat multiple times a day with smaller portions. Get a snack – banana or apple.
  • Don’t go to sleep or even lay down immediately after food intake. Wait a few hours.
  • The approved grandma’s recipe – one tablespoonful honey!

Toxemia Absence

The women are so used to the notion of toxemia of pregnancy that they believe if it is absent – something is not right. But don’t worry, because these thoughts are completely baseless. On the contrary, it means that the future mother is completely healthy. Remember, that it is completely normal if there is no toxemia during your pregnancy. Your body has easily tuned into the new wave of functioning. It has adapted to its new state without nausea, vomiting, and other signs of dysfunction.

The advantages are completely obvious:

  • There is a risk of miscarriage because of severe toxemia;
  • The fetus is timely supplied with all the necessary vitamins, ensuring its developments;
  • A good mood will allow enjoying this unique body state.

Don’t set an intention that toxemia of pregnancy won’t pass you by. Try thinking that you and your baby will be okay!