Understanding Motherhood Could Improve Business Climate

Understanding Motherhood Could Improve Business Climate. business mom

Motherhood calls upon a woman to take the responsibility of raising a child and this concurrently changes the way in which she is perceived in society and at her workplace. Juggling a career and children at the same time is one of the most difficult balancing acts a woman will ever perform. Creating a positive business environment where these women can be successful therefore is a challenging duty. Many HR managers have opted to this master called Maam that helps to work in this field and is an answer to many of the challenges working mothers face.

Maam is a life-based program that delivers training in an engaging and rewarding format. It is based on a scientific research that seeks to develop a unique training method that revolutionizes companies’ learning.

Understanding Motherhood Could Improve Business Climate. a woman at the office. a working table

The business climate of any organization not only determines how comfortable the working mothers are but also helps employers to gauge their satisfaction, leadership and enjoyment of work. Much of the stress mothers’ face is because there simply are not enough hours in the day to devote to working and having “a life” when they really don’t have one outside of work often by necessity rather than by choice.

Creating a positive business climate for these working mothers could do wonders in improving the business climate and here are a few reasons why;

Motherhood Increases Emotional Intelligence And Productivity

Today’s woman is under close scrutiny of societal biases relating to career and having children. Although they have the right to choose if they want to have children, many who don’t face a backlash from either their families or friends. As if that is not bad enough, the society once again makes it worse with the classification of good mothers versus bad mothers.

Understanding Motherhood Could Improve Business Climate. a working mom with a child

Bad mothers go to work and leave others to take care of their families. This feeds directly into the guilt many working mothers feel about holding a job. Nevertheless, the key is fostering a positive and vibrant business environment where the women feel that they can balance career and family. Motherhood increase emotional intelligence giving mothers new ways to engage with colleagues and clients.

Motherhood Inspires Creativity

Becoming a mother is one of life’s most common transitions. However, many businesses still believe motherhood interrupts career opportunities because absent mothers miss opportunities to learn and grow. This master called Maam shows that mothers gain new energies and skills when they become parents and the same skills and energies that make business successful.

When a working mother is comfortable in the work environment, she knows that good ideas will be shared appropriately and that the credit will be given where it is due. This makes them feel more invested in the tasks when they know their input is accepted and welcomed no matter what position they hold.

This feeling can lead to many great things one being the feeling of pride. If mothers begin to feel prideful about their work, they will do what it takes to go above and beyond your expectations. Moreover, being proud of what you do, makes you want to stay.

Motherhood Promotes Collaboration

Working mothers spend so much of their life at work and in a way, their colleagues become like family members. This bond allows mothers not to feel more at home and the urge of missing their children reduces and they can concentrate on the given work. They are able to treat their colleagues with empathy and understanding as they would their children.

Understanding Motherhood Could Improve Business Climate. a woman at the office

This type of culture allows for better social connections, collaboration and encouragement among team members leading to cohesion and growth of the business as a whole. Working mothers should be trained that quality is more important than quantity. In fact, the guilt and stress working women experience over working is likely to have more negative effects on them and their children than working itself.

Motherhood Fosters Healthy Living

The work environment has a significant impact on a working mother’s health and well-being. Poor management of the workplace health can lead to work-related ill health and to high levels of sickness and absence. A positive and healthy workplace encourages work-life balance for these mothers.

Having a positive and uplifting work culture will help increase the morale to work resulting to business success. Committing resources to see that working mothers’ needs are met can benefit both the employers. Employers that look after the welfare of their working mothers depict a more positive public image to the society.

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