3 Types of Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy and Their Causes

vaginal pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a soon-to-be mother changes her usual lifestyle and goes through the discomfort related to the internal adjustment of the female body to this new condition. Pain in the lower back, abdomen, and breasts becomes a reason for concern. A future mother can also suffer from vaginal pain during pregnancy. What is the cause of it? What should a woman do? Let’s figure out the answers together.

The causes of vaginal pain while pregnant

To give birth to a healthy baby, the pregnant woman needs to pay attention to every “alarm bell” of her body. Some of the symptoms are not dangerous – they only signalize that the female body is adapting to its new status. At the early pregnancy stages, the growth of the uterus is leading to minor vaginal pain and spasms – the symptoms cease after some time. But severe vaginal pain during pregnancy accompanied by spotting can be a sign of a serious disease. So, pain and spasms combined with vaginal bleeding are the common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Another reason for vaginal pain during pregnancy can be a urinary tract infection. In this case, the pain is accompanied by itching and burning sensations, heavy mucous spotting (sometimes with an unpleasant smell). A few of such infections are chlamydia, thrush, trichomoniasis, herpes. Some of them are quite hard to detect. Vaginal pain during pregnancy often occurs after (sometimes even during) sexual intercourse.

nagging vaginal pain during pregnancy

Vaginal pain during pregnancy is often a result of fear and nervousness of the woman, so it can be a sign of stress.

But every future mother should know that it’s necessary to tell a doctor about vaginal pain. Make sure a health professional understands the nature of the pain and how intense the pain is.

header 1 Stabbing vaginal pain during pregnancy

A lot of pregnant women complain about the stabbing of pricking vaginal pain during pregnancy. Doctors name a few causes of such a kind of pain. First of all, the uterine muscles are stretching during the 5th-8th weeks of pregnancy. The woman can feel some discomfort at this time. Secondly, the pain can be a result of flatulence in the intestines which is common during pregnancy. And if such pain starts in the 37th week, then it’s most likely the upcoming childbirth. In this case, there is no reason for concern because the baby will be born soon, and everything will come back to normal.

Sometimes this kind of vaginal pain during pregnancy is accompanied by spotting. Most often it’s an evidence of the uterine muscles hypertone. A visit to a clinic is mandatory.

If the pricking vaginal pain during pregnancy is minor and doesn’t last long, you have no reason to be worried.young woman suffers from stabbing pain during pregnancy

header 2 Nagging vaginal pain in pregnant women

Nagging vaginal pains during pregnancy are widespread among pregnant women. Such symptoms usually occur even in non-pregnant women in the case of inflammatory processes in the tubes or the cervix. This can also happen to expectant mothers. If the nagging pain is not intense and is accompanied by contractions, discuss with a gynecologist which spasmolytic you should take. After the treatment, the vaginal pain during pregnancy must subside.

But if the nagging vaginal pain is gradually increasing, immediately pay a visit to your physician. It can be a sign of the premature termination of pregnancy.cutting vaginal pain during pregnancy

header 3 Cutting vaginal pain during pregnancy

If the pregnant woman experiences minor cutting vaginal pain for a short period of time, in the majority of cases it’s a normal sensation during pregnancy. It’s most probably the uterus growing. But sometimes this kind of vaginal pain during pregnancy is a symptom of cystitis. After the thorough medical examination, taking necessary tests, and confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

If you feel severe cutting vaginal pain during the later pregnancy stages, you should call for an ambulance. The reason, in this case, can lie in the placental detachment. Despite vaginal pain during pregnancy, the woman shouldn’t panic. She should always remember that her body is going through a lot of changes and adjustments, and her doctor is more than able to detect the cause of any problem and help with a correctly chosen course of treatment.

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