10 Awesome Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant!

ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

Telling your loved ones that you’re expecting is one of the most important and touching moments in your life. How to make it memorable?

A lot of future mothers think it’s not enough to simply say “I’m pregnant”. They want to remember this moment forever. So, there is a question: how to tell your husband you’re pregnant? We’ve summed up 10 unusual ways that help to make your happy announcement special!

When shouldn’t you tell?

Before we discuss 10 beautiful ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant, let’s take some time and discuss the situations when it’s not wise to let your dear beloved know about the baby:

  • You’re angry with him. If he’s caused your irritation, don’t scream in rage: “I’m pregnant!” in order to make him feel guilty. Yes, you can succeed in that, but do you really want him to experience this particular feeling the moment he finds out he is going to become a father?
  • He’s busy with an important/difficult task. Understand that your husband can just dismiss your words, no matter how important they are, if he is concentrated on something else at the moment.
  • He is driving. His reaction to the happy news is unpredictable: he can try to hug or kiss you or become dumbfounded by what he’s just learned. Don’t take chances – it can lead to a car crash!ways to tell your husband you're pregnant - a test and a note

Ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant

header 1 Scans and other attributes

Do you remember the movie “Taxi 3” where the female character hung the ultrasound scans, the pictures of storks and cabbage on the walls, but her partner didn’t understand that she was pregnant? In the end, she had to tell him directly – when she was eight months along. Of course, it’s just a comedy, but this way of letting him know is quite eccentric.

For example, bootees and an ultrasound scan put on the bedside table will speak for themselves.

header 2 A festive dinner

Notify your husband that you’ll have a special dinner with a special guest this evening. Serve the table for three. You can choose among a few options: put a note saying “Daddy, I’m late. Coming in a few months” (according to the term of pregnancy) into an envelope. If you want to be even more creative, write this down on your belly!

When you and your husband are finally sitting at the table, wait a bit until he starts asking who the third guest is and when they’ll come. Give him evasive answers until his curiosity is killing him, and only then hand him the note or come close to him and lift the hem of your shirt so that he can read the writing.

header 3 A creative photo

Do you want to take a special picture where the reaction of your loved ones to the happy news remains forever? This reaction will be totally sincere because you’ll take the picture of it the very moment they find out about your condition. So, invite your family and friends to your place, ask them to take a comfortable pose for a photo together, and make sure everyone’s face will be clearly visible.ways to tell your husband you're pregnant - surprise photo

When you’re ready to press the button, just say “I’m pregnant” instead of traditional “Cheese!” – and take the picture in a sec (maybe, even a few pictures). Your family will remember this moment and look at the reaction on the photograph with nostalgia in future.

header 4 Your pregnancy test as a gift

Your partner’s birthday or any other holiday is another great way to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Give him your positive pregnancy test in a beautiful envelope with a ribbon. The test stick showing two lines will be a perfect present!

header 5 The quirks of the pregnant

Think of some quirk – a funny improvisation – for example, wrap yourself in a blanket, sit down in an armchair and eat something “typical for the pregnant” – pickles or red herring, anything you like.

When your husband enters the room and asks, surprised: “What are you doing?”, answer him nonchalantly: “Pregnant women have their quirks!” If your partner’s sense of humor is fine, this method will suit you.

header 6 A good movie

This is a great way for a romantic and sensual person to tell their husband about pregnancy in a beautiful manner. Ask your husband to watch a movie together. Choose a romantic comedy or melodrama where the main female character tells her partner she is pregnant at some point. And when this moment comes, take your husband’s hand and put it on your belly, all the time looking into his eyes. He should understand…ways to tell your husband you're pregnant - pinnettes and a gift

header 7 A mini-quest for your partner

Send your husband a message saying: “There is a pleasant surprise for you at home, read the note on the kitchen table”. He’ll come home and read the note, where you’ve written another instruction: “search under the pillow”. And under the pillow there is another note: “look into the cupboard”. It’s up to you how many notes he needs to read till the last one, saying: “Darling, I’m pregnant!”

header 8 Going shopping

Among all the interesting ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant, there is another one: ask your partner to go shopping with you. But don’t tell him which shop you are going to. Bring him to the place where the various items for pregnant women are sold.

Approach the departments with pregnancy dresses or underwear and examine the goods with a serious look on your face. Ask your husband for advice: inquire if the dress would look good on you, whether he likes it or not. His reaction won’t be disappointing!

header 9 Free ice-cream

Of course, you can choose any other food instead of the ice-cream if you like. Here is the scenario: invite your husband to a café or a restaurant. He should be the one making the order (that’s important). When the order is made, go to a lady’s room and have a word with your waiter on the way: ask them to bring a large portion of ice-cream or cake to your table.

When your husband questions the waiter and tells them you haven’t ordered that, the waiter will enlighten him that the additional food is free for all the future parents. Of course, you’ll pay for the treat in advance. But the look on your loved one’s face will be worth the price!ways to tell your husband you're pregnant - stork delivering a baby

header 10 Greetings from the stork

And the last but not the least way to tell your husband you’re pregnant is a message from the stork. How is it done? Oh, there is no trouble! Rename your contact in his phone to “Stork” and send him this text: “I’m on my way, will be visiting in nine months! Regards, your stork”. You can send such a text without renaming, though. It will also be quite impressive!

So, good luck! I hope you’ll be able to choose among these awesome ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant or even think of your own creative method of letting him know you are expecting!

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