Weird Pregnancy Symptoms You Usually Don’t Pay Attention To

weird pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy changes not only the way you look but also the way you feel. Your body starts to send you signals, letting you know you are expecting a baby. Some women are able to decipher these signals and recognize them as pregnancy signs. Some women are not. Let’s find out which weird pregnancy symptoms a future mom can face!

Weird pregnancy symptoms

When a woman recognizes the first pregnancy signs, it causes a lot of excitement among all members of her family. They mean she’ll become a mother soon, after all.

So, let’s consider which unusual signs can become the harbingers of pregnancy:

  • You’ve started to get headaches (migraines) and feel dizzy quite often,
  • There is a metallic taste in your mouth,
  • You are suffering from bloating,
  • Your lower back hurts,
  • Constipation happens more often than usual,
  • You are constantly sleepy,
  • It takes little to no time for you to get exhausted,weird pregnancy symptoms - sleepy head
  • Your feelings (vision, hearing, olfaction) have sharpened,
  • You experience strange food cravings,
  • Your feet and ankles are swollen,
  • Your skin is itching and reddening,
  • The veins on your breasts become visible,
  • There is a healthy glow on your cheeks,
  • The “trail” below your navel becomes darker,
  • Your areolas are now darker as well,
  • New moles and pigment spots appear on your skin, and the already existing ones can become larger.

The mentioned above signs show what difficulties a pregnant woman is going to face.

If some of these symptoms cause you troubles, you should consult your gynecologist as soon as possible.

Weird early pregnancy symptoms

The nine months before giving birth are the most important and long-awaited period of time in the life of any woman. A lot of future mothers have been trying to get pregnant for long, others find out they are pregnant by chance. Those women who listen to their every feeling can sense their pregnancy even before a missed period.

Here are some weird pregnancy symptoms and strange sensations to check out:

  • Unusual menstrual cycle: for example, the period has started long before or considerably later than the usual term suggests. The period is too abundant or, to the contrary, there are only a few drops of blood.
  • Nausea (not only in the morning but during the whole day).
  • Sudden libido changes. You can become insatiable or lose desire completely.
  • Frequent urges to visit the bathroom.
  • Changes in taste preferences as well as the increased appetite or appetite loss.
  • Pregnancy affects your skin: there are rashes, pimples, pigment spots, etc.
  • You’re irritable and easily fatigued.
  • If there are dragging pains in your lower abdomen or back similar to those you usually experience during menstruations, turn to a doctor for advice in order to avoid undesirable consequences.weird pregnancy symptoms - abdominal disorders
  • Your breasts prepare for lactation: soreness, slight swelling, a few drops of colostrum, and darkened areolas are sometimes there since the first pregnancy weeks.
  • Headaches, migraines.
  • The sharpened sense of smell. At the same time, very strange scents become your favorite: gasoline, paint, acetone, concrete, rubber.
  • Increased salivation.
  • Your feet and vaginal lips are swollen. It happens because your body retains fluid during pregnancy. The vaginal lips can change color to blue – in this case, the consultation of an expert becomes a necessity.
  • Swings in blood pressure. In most cases, it’s lower than the norm. It’s necessary to get more fresh air.
  • The symptoms most unpleasant for future moms: constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, burping, the increased work of sebaceous glands.
  • Severe heartburn. During early pregnancy terms it’s caused by hormonal changes, and during later terms the baby’s weight presses upon the digestive organs, interrupting their normal functioning.
  • A missed period – one of the most trustworthy pregnancy signs. But there are women who have some vaginal bleeding right up to the fourth month. In this case, a future mother needs a thorough medical exam in order to determine the reason for the bleeding.weird pregnancy symptoms - positive test

When to wait for the weird pregnancy symptoms?

Every woman who is anxious to finally become a mother pays attention to any new or strange sensation in her body, trying to recognize the earliest pregnancy signs.

We’re happy to tell that you don’t need to wait for long: sometimes a pregnant woman can detect unusual feelings a week since the implantation. And some weird pregnancy symptoms are obvious to people around as well: such as mood swings or new food preferences.

But remember: there are also times when a woman doesn’t suspect anything even in the 4th month of her term because of bleeding during pregnancy similar to monthly periods.

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