What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant? 5 Awesome Changes!

What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant? a pregnant woman

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” – such words you’re most likely to hear when you come to a clinic after a missed period. What does it feel like to be pregnant? What new sensations does a soon-to-be mother experience? Here you can find everything you need to know in detail… about your first feelings when you find out you are pregnant and about 5 great bonuses waiting ahead.

A Storm of Emotion

No matter how you got pregnant – whether you had planned it or not – the first moment after you’ve found out about the baby you panic. If you planned this pregnancy, you feel immense joy. But there are still a few reasons for panic: I’ll become huge, I’ll become helpless, I won’t be attractive!…

Now, take a deep breath and tell yourself: “Pregnancy is not a disease”. Say it again and again until you manage to keep that in mind.

Mother Nature made the woman so that she could bear and give birth to children. And this means that the female body has everything it needs for the process and we don’t have to worry. The feelings we have about it depend only on the issues we keep inside of our heads.

What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant? a smiling pregnant woman

I’ll Become Fat!

But your breasts will be fuller as well! Imagine: no expensive surgeries, simply plus two sizes at least! And all that – even before your belly starts growing. That’s a dream come true! And everything thanks to the little one that’s already developing inside of you.

Yes, of course, eventually you’ll start showing, your face will become rounder and your butt – bigger. And it’s beautiful! If you don’t overeat and monitor the amount of consumed fluid, you won’t turn into Princess Fiona from “Shrek”.

However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that she is in fact very likable and fun. And what a kind and considerate man is by her side – other women should be jealous!

Absolutely Nothing to Wear!

Look at it this way: pregnancy is a convenient excuse to update your wardrobe!

“No, darling, these jeans have become too tight. Yes, I remember that I bought them a month ago. But much pressure on my tummy is bad, so I definitely need a new pair…”

And in addition, you’ll need pregnancy dresses, new underwear (your breasts are swelling, remember?) and new items to wear at home – you can choose something comfortable for breastfeeding in advance.

What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant? Pregnancy

Pregnancy is indeed the only time when it’s hard to object to refreshing your wardrobe. What argument could they possibly think of? Your belly becomes more and more rounded, and you need new clothes to wear.

The future mother’s peace of mind is a guarantee that the baby will be born healthy. A bad-looking future mom can’t keep calm and collected. So, take the future dad by the hand and go shopping.

I’m Not Sexy

Who told you such nonsense? A sarcastic friend who is bitter because she’s broke up with her boyfriend? Don’t you dare believe her!

Your hormonal background is changing right now because of the new life developing inside your womb. That means you don’t feel the same, don’t smell the same. And it can drive your partner insane!

An intimate relationship is coming to another level; some of the poses become uncomfortable, so you have to try new options. If there are no contraindications from your doctor, you don’t have to abstain from sex.

Just explain to your partner that there will be no harm done to the baby. They’ll only bring you joy.

What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant? pregnant smiling woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her belly

No Physical Exertion, I can’t Do Anything Myself!

It’s such an interesting experience – to be pregnant, that funny stories and jokes constantly come to mind. Do you remember, for example, this one: a patient asks his doctor if he would be able to play the violin after the surgery. The doctor assured him that yes, he would. The patient was very surprised because he never played the violin before the surgery.

Pregnancy is the same story. There are pregnant women suddenly able to stand on their heads in spite of quite large pregnant belly. They just thought that yoga for pregnant women is a good idea!

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