What Is a Pregnancy Line and Why Does It Appear?

pregnancy line

Every woman is concerned about her good looks at the stage of bearing a child. The future mothers are often shocked by transformations their bodies endure. And when it’s your first pregnancy, you can still suffer from the lack of knowledge about the processes your body is going through, such as, for instance, the dark line on your pregnant belly. So, don’t panic and start to imagine things – let’s learn more about the essence of pregnancy line and its causes.

Why does the pregnancy line appear and what does it mean?

In order to give a complete and detailed answer to these questions, we’ll have to take a quick look at human anatomy – the abdominal part in particular. In the middle of the abdomen, there is a “white line” – connecting tissue which binds direct muscles of the belly. These muscles are situated in the abdominal part of the body and stretch from the ribs to the pubic bone. That’s why the “line” also begins at the place where your ribs meet and ends at pubis. The line consists of collagen, that’s why it’s white.

When the egg is fertilized, your body is shaken with a “hormonal revolution” of sorts – it starts the production of proteins responsible for the successful development of the embryo. The dark pregnancy line on your belly is a sign of the actively working adrenals and the presence of the following hormones:

  • Estrogen;
  • Progesterone;
  • Melanotropin (melanin).

pregnancy line on white skinMelanin, in particular, is responsible for the dark pigmentation of the skin in some areas. Thus, the mammary glands, belly button become darker, there can be pigmentation spots on the face of the pregnant, and Linea Nigra – the pregnancy line – appears at the bottom of the belly. The so-called “Linea Alba” – the “white line” – becomes dark.

When does the pregnancy line appear?

Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy is widespread among mothers-to-be. 90% of the future moms have a patch of more or less darker skin on their bellies. There are also small brown freckle-like spots on the face and body.

Sometimes the pregnancy line appears immediately after fertilization and becomes the earliest pregnancy sign. But every case is individual: Linea Nigra can show at any pregnancy stage – some women notice it in the 10th-12th week of the term, others are surprised by it before childbirth. The process is unpredictable but it’s a fact that it depends on the hormonal levels.

What will it look like?

So we have studied the main reason why the pregnancy line makes its appearance: the increased hormonal levels initiate the darkening of the vertical “white line”.

The second thing that may cause the pigmentation is sunlight. The excess vitamin D in the future mother’s body hastens the darkening of the skin. That’s why experts recommend that pregnant women beware of direct sun rays. In the summertime, it’s better to use sunscreen, go out only in the morning or in the evening.pregnancy line in the early terms

It should be mentioned that every future mother’s pregnancy line looks quite different. Some women have a pale line, others – a darker one. A few women say they didn’t have a pregnancy line at all. Dark-haired brown-eyed mothers-to-be usually have a more pronounced pregnancy line than fair-haired women.

When does the pregnancy line disappear?

The pigmentation will remain for some time after childbirth. You’ll have to wait. The pregnancy line usually disappears 3-6 months after giving birth; it depends on your body constitution.

You’re not likely to get rid of the dark line on your belly with the help of beauty products. It’d be wiser not to waste your money on them.

It’s also important to mention that the pregnancy line remains for a longer period of time if you are breastfeeding, the reason for it lying in the higher amount of hormones in the breastfeeding woman’s organism.

Your body is going through certain changes during the 9 months of pregnancy. All the organs and systems are under strain. That’s why you’ll need a lot of patience in order to get your body back in shape after childbirth. It’s very important to accept what happens to you during pregnancy and in the postpartum period as something positive and derive joy from your condition.

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