What Not To Do While Pregnant: Instructions You Should Follow

what not to do while pregnant

Everybody knows that pregnancy is a special period in woman’s life when she needs to closely watch her state of health and reconsider her former way of living.

Every future mother should know what not to do while pregnant. That’s especially true for bad habits, hard physical work, and dietary recommendations.

It is strictly prohibited for a pregnant woman to:

  • Lift weights. Ask your partner or other family members to accomplish such tasks.
  • Move sharply, carelessly.
  • Get on high objects: chairs, tables, stepladders.
  • Redecorate the house. Childbearing is more important right now.
  • Use household chemicals for cleaning. If that’s absolutely necessary, you should at least wear rubber gloves and a protective mask which prevents harmful agents from getting into your body.

In the cases of gestosis or preeclampsia, the expectant mother should go through inpatient therapy courses according to the schedule and follow doctors’ every recommendation.what not to do while pregnant - future mom considering her lifestyle

What not to do while pregnant

header 1 You shouldn’t stay in cramped places where it is impossible to get enough fresh air. It’s also not recommended to stay in the rooms which smell of tobacco smoke, glue, or paint.

header 2 Don’t neglect dietary recommendations which can include high-protein food and products rich in vitamins.

header 3 You can’t eat anything you want. You’ll have to reconsider the ways of cooking meat and fish you are used to. Otherwise, there is a high risk of worms or toxoplasma contamination.

header 4 Don’t indulge in fast food, even if you want it very much. Avoid street cafes and diners until you give birth.what not to do while pregnant - eating sweets

header 5 You shouldn’t eat a lot of confectionery. Having a sweet tooth is, unfortunately, a problem during pregnancy. Sweets should become a rare indulgence. If you crave for something sweet, try honey, dried fruit, nuts, etc.

header 6 No coffee, strong tea, caffeinated drinks in general! Especially energy drinks!

header 7 Don’t do heavy sports, such as cycling, athletics, weightlifting, tennis. Those kinds of sports which have a strong effect on your internal organs are also forbidden. You’ll have to avoid diving during pregnancy. But you may go swimming while pregnant if your doctor allows it.

header 8 You’d better not wear high-heeled shoes. Remember: if you feel dizzy and lose your balance, there is a risk of falling down. And when your belly becomes big and rounded, high heels increase the risk of varicose veins development.

header 9 Try not to lift and carry weights. It’s better for you not to lift objects heavier than 4 pounds altogether. Protect your and your baby’s health – heavy lifting is often the cause of placental detachment and spontaneous abortions.

header 10 Going to the sauna and hot baths are also among the things you shouldn’t do while pregnant. The sudden rise in temperature in future mothers can lead to miscarriages.what not to do while pregnant - smoking

header 11 Don’t dye your hair while pregnant! Wait until you give birth or use natural dyes.

header 12 You need to be careful with cosmetics. That also concerns insect repellents, perfumes, and any other substances you apply to your skin.

header 13 Avoid crowded places, especially during epidemics (for example, flu).

Take care of yourself and your unborn child. What not to do while pregnant? The main thing is – don’t do anything which can bring harm to you or your baby in the future without need.

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