What to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child?

No doubt, having the right tutor can be your best bet to improve your kid’s academic performance. But the fact is- finding a qualified tutor whom you can assign the academic future of your little one is kind of a daunting job in recent times with the dramatic increase of the number of tutors and tutoring agencies.

Anyway, if you are one of those fellow parents looking forward to Hiring a Tutor for Your Child yet not sure where to start, this post is absolutely for you. Let’s jump right in!

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child:

As mentioned earlier, finding the right tutor for your kid can be a tough job, especially, if it’s the first time you are dealing with a tutor. And, a number of parents are there who use to hire tutors at random and end up with frustration.

What to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child? studying

Besides, many parents cannot figure out what they should ask before sealing the deal. Here are some most notable questions you can ask your kid’s tutor. Let’s check them out in the following:

 How long he/she has been tutoring in the UK?

 What are his/her qualifications and certifications?

 Ask whether she/he has expertise in the subjects your child will be studying.

 Ask whether she/he has worked with kids of your child’s age before.

5 Ask how will he/she get the sense of your child’s attention needs?

6 Ask what are the specific strategies he/she had found that worked the most since he or she has started teaching the kids?

What to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child? studying

7 Ask the tutor to share you his or her teaching philosophy in brief?

8 Ask how would the tutor assist your child to deal with any specific problem if your little one has issues with any particular subject.

9 Make sure to discuss what will be your role to support the tutoring process?

 Make sure to discuss how the tutor will communicate with you, update you with the progress, and how often?

 Ask how does she or he measure the progress of his/her students?

What to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child? a teacher

 Make sure to ask about the references you can talk to know further about the tutor.

 Don’t forget to ask about the schedule when he/she will be available for your little one.

 Make sure to ask about the duration of each tutoring session.

 Make sure to discuss where the teaching sessions will take place. N.B. Prefer your place if you can manage and don’t have any crucial issue. And, be enough frank to talk about the fees, precisely, if s/he will charge per session or weekly or monthly.

What to Ask When Hiring A Tutor for Your Child? a tutor and a girl

Apart from these most important questions, there are a few things you should clarify before you hire the tutor. Make sure to ask whether there are other fees or charges for assessments or teaching materials and be straightforward to ask what will happen if you don’t get the expected outcome.

Also, don’t forget to talk about the cancellation policy as well as make-up sessions before you finalize the deal with the tutor.

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